Do you know brow lift purposes?

The procedure of brow lift is very popular and effective today. It is shooting up because of its difficult purposes and perfect results. It helps in the cases of drooping eyes and sagging eyelids, as well as crows? feet wrinkles. There are three kinds of brow lift procedure: classic coronal brow lift; endoscope brow lift and subcutaneous procedures. As all cosmetic surgery techniques the procedure keeps both advantages and disadvantages so it is recommended to get qualified consultation before operation performing.

As human's eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul and eloquent mark sign of general state and attitude to reality everyone tends to take a special care of these regions. While the first meeting you can judge the person by his eyes and at the same time your eyes reveal your personality. If you have the physical problem of puffy, dropping eyelids and sagging eyebrows the impression of your angriness and fatigue state can be gained.

Fortunately big choice of modern cosmetic surgery service can find the decisions for almost all individual cases. Today almost all cosmetic surgery clinics offer the following skin care procedures: breast, eye and brow lift, chemical peel, laser resurfacing, liposuction, nose surgery, male breast reduction, dermabrasion, lifts, facial implants, laser treatment, body's reshaping. As for eye look correction brow lift is a proper choice. The brow lift purposes are removing of excess skin and fat, correcting of drooping eyelid skin, reducing the crows? feet problems and wrinkles. The brow lift purposes are succeeded thanks to new technologies and surgeon's skillfulness. This procedure is specially developed to minimize visible effect of aging and correct sagging brows.

The brow lift operation is performed both on men and women of all ages whose aim is to improve their appearance. Usually the brow lift procedure attracts men or women older than 35 years old although the procedure is also recommended in earlier age if the drooping eyes and sagging eyelids are the genetic level problems.

The lift treatment events can be divided into three parts:

the surgery of the lower eyelid (the purpose is to remove lower eyelid wrinkles and excess skin);

the surgery of the upper eyelid (solving the problem of upper eyelid skin hanging, natural fold hiding);

brow lift surgery (brow lift purposes are removing of the crows? feet and forehead wrinkles, the problem of genetic eyebrows of low set).

Despite 95% realization of brow lift purposes and really miraculous effect some patients are stopped by the big probability of the surgery risks. The list of unpleasant after operation effects is rather long and ?serious?. It is also necessary to pass thorough examination before the brow lift. As there are some contraindications such as: thyroid problems, glaucoma and detached retina, very higher dryness of the eyes.

The brow lift procedure can be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedure with the similar performance. The surgeon makes 4-5 little incisions in the scalp hidden position for removing of the excess skin and certain muscles. The procedure usually takes 30-90 minutes depending on performing skin area.


The recovering process does not depend on brow lift purposes. It cannot be previewed and forecasted exactly because of individual health and skin conditions. The brow lift operation may cause bruising and swelling effects that can be overcome using simple i9ce packs. The duration of the procedure effect is not still investigated deeply.

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