Colyn Chapman and Malcolm Sayer the most celebrated British automobiles designers

Colyn Chapman and Malcolm Sayer may be called among the most celebrated British automobiles designers. Both of them managed to introduce knowledge from other spheres to car design. Chapman applied his knowledge of aeronautical engineering while Sayer applied his knowledge of aerodynamics to the car design industry. Colyn Chapman was also known as a successful businessman.
Speaking about British automobiles designers it is necessary to mention the names of the most celebrated of them. Colyn Chapman and Malcolm Sayer are considered to be the most well-known British automobiles designers. As for the former, his full name is Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. He was born in 1928 in London and died in 1982. He was a famous builder, designer and inventor in the industry of car manufacturing. The man was the founder of Lotus Car, the company producing sports cars. Colyn Chapman was a student of University College in London, where he studied structural engineering. There he also entered the University Air Squadron where he learnt to fly. In 1948 Chapman graduated and soon was accepted to the Royal Air Force. He managed to apply his knowledge of some latest techniques in aeronautical engineering to the automotive industry thus making technical advances thanks, to which he is considered one of the most remembered British automobiles designers. During 16 years Lotus team of Mr. Chapman was the winner of Formula One. Lotus sports cars are considered to be among the most popular cars that managed to stay that in spite of the industrial decline which occurred in 1970s. Colyn Chapman died of a heart attack. The career of the man was really amazing. He began his career with a modified version of Austin 7 called Mk1. This model was introduced privately into the local racing events. With the prize money that he won at the racing, Chapman developed Mk2 for the Lotus. The engines were a success up and finally achieved Mk6 power. Soon Chapman began to produce kits for the cars. In 1956 about 100 of Mk6 were sold. In the 1950s Chapman began the production of series of racing cars. Some of the cars were really very successful. But as their production was rather limited, they were widely sought after. Soon the man arrived to work with Formula 1. He was among those who made the revolution in premier motor sport. Together with John Cooper he managed to design lightweight small vehicles with middle engines that were able to fight such cars as Maseratis and Ferraris. At Formula 1 the Lotus team had a legendary driver named Jim Clark. There was a belief that the team was able to win whenever they wanted. In 1963 the Lotus team with Clark won its first Formula 1 World Championship. Besides being one of the most successful British automobiles designers Chapman was also a businessman, who advertised sponsorship in the auto racing. Thus Chapman began the process of transforming Formula One into a high-technology enterprise. Another British automobiles designer worth of mentioning is Malcolm Sayer. He was one of Jaguar cars designer. The man managed to apply the knowledge of aerodynamics in the car industry. His most successful designs include Jaguar C-type which is also called XK 120C because it was designed according to the Jaguar XK 120; Jaguar D-type, Jaguar E-type and Jaguar XJS. It is necessary to mention the fact that the latter model was launched only after the man`s death.
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