Brief Kriya Yoga Review

Kriya yoga is an Indian yoga system that was first spread by Yogananda Paramahansa and Kriya yoga origins were formed in ancient India. Modern Kriya yoga history started in 1861. The system consists of yogic techniques that amounts to supposedly hastening the spiritual evolution of the practitioner and assisting to bring about a profound state of god-communion and tranquility inside one's own self. Several interesting facts will be analyzed in our Kriya yoga review.

Our Kriya yoga review begins with the fundamental thesis that states we are a whole cosmos in a miniature version, a microcosm - just like a developing universe within the world of the macrocosmic. The universal supreme creator is beating within every one and through the breath regulating every action - that's why kriya is the name; "kri" is any work and it is being done by the indwelling soul "ya" power. The different forces of cosmos controlling ether, earth, fire, water and air and also activate the kinds of work, that is, earning money, progeny, food, relationships and religious activities performed by the human body. As you probably know, yoga is the means of connecting this correspondence between macrocosm and microcosm - understanding the truth behind the union of the Supreme Self and the individual self.Kriya Yoga origins were based on divine principles and was not formed by the intellect of human beings.

The present rebirth for Kriya yoga history started in 1861 with Babaji. From him, it was then passed on to the current Kriya descent of masters openly through the special method of teaching called the Master-disciple.

Our brief Kriya yoga review is proceeded by some facts about the process of Kriya yoga. The Kriya Yoga royal path includes an extensive array of teachings with different approaches to it. On the one hand it is a process that starts with self-introspection by means of breath control. With the help of cultivating the three qualities of sound, vibration and light synchronously with breathing, posture and concentration through application of a techniques series, a seeker is able to enter the deepest into the unconscious mind levels. Twin purification processes ensue through hard-working practice. First of all, the human mind is freed from internal chatter and calmed by mounting the feeble breath practice. Secondly, the very observation process of vibrations and pulsation in the body allows the seeker to extirpate the subtle desires of bondage. Advance cultivation of the triple qualities of the divine leads to a one-pointedness of mind, or a chiseled concentration, in that way preparing the seeker to discover inner truth and thoughtlessness.

We are mired in error, illusion and delusion due to the duality of formation. From the phenomenal suffering one seeks liberation due to the miseries from faulty action, desire and ignorance should be able to find out blissful nature of one, and realize that the supreme omnipotent creator is hiding inside and as the all beings' self. Kriya Yoga review states that it provides the fastest means to discover that lurking truth and reveal the deepest godhood's mysteries from inside.

At the end of our Kriya yoga review there are some interesting ideas. You are a kriyavan if you give tremendous love to the breath. You will most likely get joy from the divine. In the Supreme your soul will be engrossed. As the young husband is loved by his young bride, as the young wife receives love from her groom, as the skinflint is crazy about his money, in the same way every one of us should love the breath.

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