Breast implants common types classification

Fixed standards of women?s beauty impose thousands of women to change appearance. One of the most favorite variants is breast augmentation that close women to men?s ideal as many guess. The procedure of breasts enhancement is a cosmetic surgery technique that is performed by number of breasts implants fillings that provide a preferable breast size, shape and structure.

Breast augmentation provides wide variety of physical solutions to suit any woman's favors.
The possibilities of the procedure include enhancing of the breast size, correction of unexpected breast reduction after pregnancy, balancing breasts differences, some reconstructions necessary after previous breasts surgery.

The operation is usually performed in the clinic during 2-4 hours when experienced cosmetic surgeon makes some incisions behind the breasts and forms a pocket - the special place for breasts implants. Today's beauty industry market offers big choice of artificial fillers that are represented with samples from different breast implants common types that are round breast implants, string breast implants, tissue engineered breast implants, anatomical (contoured) breast implants, smooth breast implants, saline-filled breast implants, silicone gel-filled breast implants, etc.

Breast implants common types are grouped on the basis of implants? sizes, shape and essence. The top of breast common implants type is occupied by the saline-filled implants, considered to be the most available. In some countries this kind of breast implants is the only one allowed in cosmetic surgery. Saline-filled implants can be round or contoured (anatomical) shaped, both smooth and textured surfaced. This group of implants is designed as tough structures of silicone elastomer shell implants equipped with one valve on the implant surface.

Mentor variant of saline-filled implants is a perfect choice for women who desire to enhance the breasts but have the problem of small chest diameter. The usage of this implants group provides natural look in result and good duration. One of distinguished features of this implants variant less rippling and smoother surface.

The implants were designed by Hilton Becker. Today their history counts more than 20 years of successful usage. Despite being very expensive expandable implants are very popular and widely used from the range of breast implants common types samples. They can be represented in different variants of size, texture and be placed both in sub-glandular or sub-pectoral ways.

One of the breast implants common types are soy-filled implants that have the similar shell to above mentioned silicone filled implants but implants body is filled with soy bean oil. More than 5000 women have already have chosen soy-filled implants application. There exists a great deal of rumors creating a myth about soy fillers abilities to cause the breasts cancer. But as detailed investigations had not proved the hypothesis soy implants usage is successfully speeding up.

There are some problems connected with exaggerated client's wishes. If the patient's breasts are small comparing with purposed size cosmetic surgeon tends to gradual breasts filling that provides adjustment preparation for all muscles and tissues and prevents possible traumatizing, tissues tearing and stretch marks forming.

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