Body modification description facts

Body modification tradition was inherited many centuries ago. In many cultures this art technique was used for age, gender, social and tribe distinguish rating. Today the modification item can be divided into medicine and aesthetic. The last one is a fashionable stream. The former one is real solution for many problems (for example brain, heart implanting).

Body modification description shows that most body modification purposes and objectives are focused in spiritual practical side. First body modifications were made as religious devotions and for social rating. Some of modification traditions came to our society in the variant of circumcisions that are very widespread in many societies or traditional ear piercing common in most countries.

According to general body modification description body alteration (that is another name for body modification) permanent or temporal well-considered human body alteration with non-medical reasons (but the situation is changing and the circle of reasons sometimes is enlarged with medical ones). A big variety of body modifications originated during corporal punishment. It is considered that some people even got addiction for adrenaline appearing during painful procedures that explains recent emergence of extreme body modification. One variant of body modification is scaring.

In many cultures scarring is a significant event that determines physiological or social changes of a person more often of women. For example abdomen scarring even today in some cultures emphasizes woman's part in childbearing; changes between puberty and childbirth stages; connection between engagement and marriage (man can scar girl's forehead after bride wealth payment).

Body modification description represents tattooing, one of the oldest and most significant, as special body art. As fields of tattoo applications and meanings are really numerous. Firstly tattooing was used in ancient tribes for social ranging. But it happened that tradition of tabooing became so strong and powerful the idea of tattooing as the only variant of wearing got birth.

Body modification description counts thousand of possible alterations, the most common are listed as circumcision, ear piercing, tongue splitting, tattoos and today breast implants. Modern breast (as well as facial and other implants) industry takes the place of modern body modifications performed from the view of technological reasons. The constant development of high technologies made it possible to alter body modification category from the rate of only aesthetic to medically useful one (samples with speeding up application of brain implants or heart pacemakers).

There exist still some polemic points about the positively valuable experience of body modification in today's medicine. What about numerous attempts of Asians to modify their epicanthal folds or lighten skin; or African-American attempts to straighten the hair or perform nose job.

Body modification opponents mention some terrific facts when torture damages of ears, eyes, nose, tongue, ahns, legs, genitaly teeth that were performed with piercing, burning, skinning, flagelation, wheeling, castration were eventually perceived as normal events, sometimes even with anticipation.

Body modification description says that one of the most popular body alteration techniques is strike branding. The history of this technique is traced into African tribes many centuries ago.

African slaves branding was common event the purpose of which was personal distinguishing.

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