Beauty Spa Treatment

In the past decade the spa industry has experienced an unparalleled expansion. The driving force behind the growth is consumer demand. Day beauty spas, which represent more than three-fourths of all spas, have created a whole new generation of spa-goers who choose to pamper themselves on a regular basis without investing time and money into faraway deluxe beauty spa vacations. Even still, the spa industry has a long way to go - less than 13% of the general public has attended a day spa in the past three years.

Now, when health and beauty business is experiencing monumental growth year after year with some countries reporting it to be the second largest in terms of overall dollars spent, esthetics has taken first place as the fastest growing service industry in the world and no wonder that new practices in beauty treatments appear regularly.

One of the popular spa treatments is a warm stone therapy. It is a combination of massage with the use of heated lava rocks for a soothing experience. Stone massage is a unique way to feel connection with nature, offering a sense of profoundness and sacredness that we lack in our hectic life. It's a deep healing and unique experience that enhances our awareness and brings us closer to our true essence. Stone massage is a perfect beauty treatment that is pleasing and healing.

Stone massage is done by applying water-heated basalt stones of various sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and providing a feeling of relaxation and warmth. The direct heat soothes muscles, enabling the beauty therapist to manipulate with greater intensity.

Another way to pamper and tone your body is a body wrap. It's a treatment aimed at taking off inches, changing body shape and tightening the skin. It involves wrapping the body with elastic pliable type bandages which are saturated with amino acids, herbal extracts, or collagen solution. The treatment is applied to the specific areas of concern, to aid with slimming and help to get rid of the toxins causing cellulite. The patients are frequently measured to determine your inch-loss.

During the weight-loss process, the skin will become smoother and tighter. Collagen body wrap will help ensure that the inches and weight that are lost is in the areas of the first concern. Collagen wrapping, while losing weight, helps in rapid size drops for optimum weight-loss and utmost motivation.

Endermologie® is a popular way to fight cellulite around the world. It was originated in France over 10 years ago. Endermologie® is a procedure of gentle suction combined with deep massage to smooth out the surface of the skin and get rid of the dimpled "orange peel" look. The Endermologie® procedure is painless. First results can be seen in 7-8 sessions, with the average person reaching their full potential in about 14 to 20 sessions.

The new hot trend among girls is the spa party. The "girls' night out" spa session gives you a chance to see your friends, update them on the latest news while enjoying the latest pampering services. The most popular treatments include massages, deluxe beauty manicures and pedicures, makeup sessions, and eyebrow shaping. You might even save some money and receive a discount beauty treatment as many day spas have special packages and give a group rate discount.

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