A Visit with Female Argentine Pop Singer Natalia Oreiro

Natalia Oreiro and Mercedes Sosa are two of the greatest female Argentine pop singers ever. They have successfully combined their voices and hot bodies with an uncanny ability to produce hit songs. Learn their discography and biography at this site. If you like the Latino beat then you must fall in love with the music of one or the other female Argentine pop singer. Natalia Oreiro and Mercedes Sosa are very good examples of international success.

Natalia Oreiro is by rights one of the most popular female Argentine pop singers ever. She was born in 1977 in Uruguay and was the youngest child in the family. In her early teens she was selected in a contest to feature in advertising campaigns of Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Johnson&Johnson. By sixteen she has starred in more than thirty commercials on TV.

When she turned sixteen she decides to move to Argentina to fulfill her dreams and ambitions. She has begun her career in Argentina by starring in television novellas. She performed well but a little afterwards she tries to begin her singer's career. Natalia Oreiro`s first album was released in 1998 bearing her name and it was her first success. After she had sung the main theme song in "Mueca brava" she became popular in Argentina and across Latin America.

Later on she continued starring in a few TV soap operas so popular in Latin America. Natalia Oreiro was nominated twice in 1998 and 1999 for the highest award in Argentina - Martin Fierro Award. In 2000, Natalia was given the title "Celebrity of the year" by E! ETN. Natalia`s next album "Tu veneno" was released and presented in Spain and the United States in Miami. Natalia Oreiro did her best in the prestige Latin television show 'Sabado Gigante Internacional".

In 2000, she participated in the festival "Vina del Mar" in Chile and was announced the queen of the event. On the crest of her popularity Natalia goes on tour (2000, 2001) visiting a lot of European countries: Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Israel, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia and Belarus.

Argentina can boast about another female Argentine pop singer - Mercedes Sosa. Mercedes Sosa was born in 1935 in Tucuman, Argentine. Her family values were modest and conservative however Mercedes from her early ages tended to like dancing and singing. She had native roots and for this reason native music and dances attracted her very much. In the mid sixties Mercedes with her husband, famous musician Manuel Oscar Matus, moved to Mendoza where Mercedes kept on working in the field of native music.

Later on she released her first record production "Canciones con fundamento". Few years later Mercedes Sosa performed in Cosquin Festival very well and in 1967 she releases her second album. Since the sixties Mercedes begins traveling across the world promoting native culture of Argentine Indians. Argentine government was dictatorial in that time and Mercedes` songs were not in favor.

A very common practice was when her songs were censored on radio. Despite that, Mercedes Sosa kept on recording her albums and in 1972 she releases very powerful "Hasta la Victoria" with a set of political and social songs. In 1979 Mercedes was exiled and she decides to move to Paris and later on she moves to Madrid. In exile Mercedes is on the crest of her singing career, she becomes the most well-known female Argentine pop singer.

In Latin America every beginner female Argentine pop singer tries to be as successful and popular as these two women.

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