A Trio of Popular Woodland Creatures --Alvin and the Chipmunks is Popular all over the World

O-K, I admit it: I never liked Alvin and chipmunks when I was a child! And come to think of it, I'm not real crazy about them now that I'm an adult! But I'm part of a select minority, because Alvin and the chipmunks is one of the most successful cartoon franchises in history. As its name suggests it features chipmunks, three chipmunk brothers who speak in a voice that sounds like they were all inhaling helium at a frat party! The brothers live with a human called Dave. If you like Alvin and the chipmunks you will like to learn more about them such as Alvin and the chipmunks history and some of the Alvin and the chipmunks albums.

The Alvin and the chipmunks show consists of three episodes. The cartoon is about funny boys reminding chipmunks - Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Simon, Theodore and their friends to get prepared for Halloween by choosing frightening suits and making a pumpkin head. Not far away a "club" of monsters is opened near which there lives a new boy with a pumpkin head.

The poor fellow is ill and he has a disfigured but kind face. The boy himself is very kind. But everybody is afraid of him and doesn't want to make friends with him. When Theodore gets in his house accidentally he gets to know about his kindness and his friendship with animals. He helps his new friend to make friends with everybody and punish wicked boys from the club of monsters.

Now let's get acquainted with the main characters of this incredible and popular cartoon. The main character among the three brothers is, of course, Alvin who is the eldest and acts as a main singer in their band. Owing to his energetic and a little bit selfish personality he gets himself and other brothers into troubles especially during his attempts to become rich and popular.

In addition to that Alvin suffers from his height most of other chipmunk characters. He loves his brothers and protects them from chipmunk enemies. After Alvin, Simon is the eldest chipmunk and he acts as the brain of the band. He always tries to calm down Alvin when he is obsessed with his crazy ideas. Simon is always very calm and tries to reasonably under any conditions.

Also Simon tries to follow the rules; he always tries to prevent his nonchalant brothers from getting into trouble. Also he is fond of reading and studying and devotes to it most of his free time. The third chipmunk - Theodore is the biggest easy-going personality in the story - literally he can get along with anybody however in many cases he appears to act shy. He is a real food addict and has quite a full figure. He seems hungry every time and that's why he adores cooking in his free time.

His biggest disadvantage is that he can be frightened quite easily and a lesser one is that he feels uncomfortable and loses his self-reliance being surrounded by cute female chipmunks. Theodore doesn't do his best at school being quite absent-minded. Dave is father of the three. Though he adopted them he loves all three as if they were his own kids. Alvin is the biggest fidget and creates a lot of trouble to Dave. Alvin often makes Dave go insane of Alvin's tricks.

Alvin and the chipmunks consist of three episodes full of songs. Theme song lyrics can be downloaded from many sites over the Internet where you can also find Alvin and the chipmunks history, so if you are the chipmunks` addict then Alvin and the chipmunks albums will be a perfect gift for you. Alvin and the chipmunks is one of the most popular cartoons ever involving so much humor - as a matter of fact, many people consider the cartoon a significant part of their childhood. Alvin and the chipmunks series are available on DVD so if you want to take advantage of the highest quality video and audio then DVD is the best option to choose from.

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