A Rugby League Teams Review Must Include teams From England and Australia

Modern rugby was formed on the seventh of April in 1823 in town Rugby, which is situated in eighty miles from London. Soon this game became popular in different schools and colleges in England. The rules were changed. The game evolved. Many Britain rugby league teams were formed. They were formed not only in England. The rugby league teams review was made in every country where the game of rugby was popular.

Rugby appeared in England. This game became popular very quickly. The rules differed from modern rules. The seventh of April 1823 was a memorial day in the rugby history. On this day a sixteen-year-boy named William Webb Ellis caught a ball with his hands. You don't do that in soccer! And then he ran straight into the midst of the opposing team with this ball in his hands. Show me where it says THAT in the rules! But something must have clicked because before you know it a new game was formed. The first rugby rules were established in 1846.

Rugby Football Union was formed in 1871. This union united twenty one English clubs. They made up official game rules. Later Great Britain rugby league teams appeared. England began to make its rugby league teams review and to pay attention to rugby development in the country.

In 1934, International Rugby Football Board was formed. Later Australia rugby league teams and teams from other countries joined it. It is known that rugby is a national kind of sport in Australia in spite of the fact that it appeared in England. The strangest thing is that in Australia the rugby became popular later than in other countries. It happened in 70s of the last century. There are 174 thousand rugby players, in Australia - only 37 thousand ones. Australia rugby league teams include the best players.

But in order to enjoy the rugby one should go to Australia. The stadiums are full of people and the most important thing is that the game is different.

The first world cup on rugby was in 1987. This game gathered near TV sets about three hundred millions of people. This figure was unprecedented for the game like the rugby.

As for England, the rugby is very popular kind of sport.

Here is some detailed information about rugby league teams review. The teams were divided into two types. They are:

- Rugby Union (for non-professional teams and clubs)

- Rugby League (for professional teams)

So, the rugby league teams review is a review of professional rugby teams all over the world. It is time to mention about the members of Australian rugby teams. Jorge Gregan is the captain of the team. He is a very rough player. And the cruelty is not the only advantage of Gregan. In his team he has defending functions and gives a nice service line to his team's players. He is number One in the modern rugby.

Martin Johnson is an embodiment of the Great Britain rugby league teams. The English rugby team is called the "Lions". Really he looks like a furious lion during the play. His muscles are very noticeable and he uses every moment to make them work. He doesn't have the ideal technique and not high speed but he has fantastic forces which allow snatching the ball out of his sport rival's hands. So, many sport rugby players dislike him and think that he is very noticeable crudity. But Johnson thinks that any means are good for victory.

Thus, the rugby is a very popular sport both in England and in Australia. The rugby appeared in England and it took rather little time to become popular over the world.

Nowadays there are Australia rugby league teams, Great Britain rugby league teams and it is easy to find rugby league teams review. Rugby teams form Rugby Union (there are non-professional teams and clubs in it) and Rugby League (there are only professional teams in it).

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