An investigation of lotus pose

The lotus position is the most well known pose that was normally used by Buddha. The full lotus yoga asana is a very popular mediation pose. This is not supposed to be easy for Western practitioners to master. It much takes much time for your ligaments to extend so that the full lotus yoga asana becomes comfortable for you.

If you still can't master the lotus position fully, then any other seated position will do well for the purpose for the proper meditation. Start slowly and carefully and get proficiency over a certain period of time. Remember that the lotus pose isn't easy to master. Forget the seeming simplicity of this seated pose and concentrate on the process of gaining physical flexibility and spiritual comfort. The lotus pose is a classic yoga pose. And, here in this article, we will guide into the technique of its mastering.

First, kept your right foot on your left thigh for awhile. Then, start bouncing on your knee for a short time. If the bouncing knee touches the floor easily then, bend your left knee, and take hold of your left foot with both hands and move it gently and smoothly over your crossed right leg and place it on your right thigh. This will give the right symmetrical placement of your legs, now you are in the right position of the full lotus yoga asana. Keep in mind that your hands should be kept on your knees with your palms open and the thumbs and the second fingers on your hand should touch forming the letter o.

The lotus pose has many benefits for your health. This is a very good posture for yogic meditation and mental concentration. It has a soothing effect on the mind and the nerves. The lotus pose holds your spine erect. The lotus pose also helps develop the correct posture.  It helps you maintain your joints in the flexible condition. It calms your brain, stimulates your pelvis, your spine and abdomen, bladder, your ankles and knees, and comforts your possible menstrual discomfort and sciatic neuralgia. Consistent practicing of the lotus pose until you are late in your pregnancy is believed to help with labor. The traditional yoga texts say that Padmasana which is the full lotus yoga asana destroys all of the diseases and arouses the Kundalini powers of the human body. All in the entire lotus pose is considered to be an intermediate pose in terms of its accessibility. Don't perform the lotus pose without the proper experience or without the supervision of a yoga expert. A first step to performing a proper full lotus pose is Ardha Padmasana. After bringing you first leg into the proper position as it is described above, slip your lower leg under your upper one and put your foot outside the opposite hip. If the upper leg's knee isn't placed comfortably on the floor then, you should support it with a folded blanket.

Among the additional postures that may and should prepare your body for the full lotus yoga asana, the yogis stresses Matsyasana that is dedicated to one of the ten incarnations of the Vishnu pose which is commonly known as the fish pose.

Please perform the lotus pose then, hold your feet with the opposite hands and lift your chin and draw you neck and head forward. Slowly lean back with an exhale until the top of your head touches the floor. Cross your forearms and clasp your elbows with the opposite hands and swing your forearms onto the floor. Please take several deep breaths. Finally, release your torso fully onto the floor and stretch your arms onto the floor while trying to keep them parallel to each other. Hold the posture like this for a minimum of thirty seconds and a maximum of one minute. Inhale and come up while keeping your head back. Repeat the posture with your other leg on top for the same period of time.

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