An Appendectomy is not as Complicated as it Once Was

An appendectomy is an extraction of the appendix when it is inflamed. The vermiform appendix is placed in the intestine and it often happens that it gets inflamed. In this case appendectomy is to be performed otherwise the life of the patient may be in danger. Some detailed information on appendectomy can be found here. Learn some suggestions about how to find out that you have appendicitis and renew yourself after appendectomy.

The appendectomy is performed in the cases of acute appendicitis that is inflammation of the vermiform appendix. The reasons of the inflammation of the appendix are not very clear but still the cases of the appendicitis are quite widespread. There are some theories that the appendicitis can be caused by the bites of the food that goes through the intestine and sometimes gets stuck in the vermiform appendix and as a result the appendix gets inflamed.

The symptoms of the appendicitis are high temperature and the pain in the abdomen. When you press the abdomen in the place where appendix is placed you feel acute pain. The appendectomy procedure is performed in the case the appendicitis is acute. Sometimes when the appendicitis is not strong and the inflammation is small the appendectomy procedure is not necessary and the appendicitis can be treated with the help of antibiotics.

The appendectomy is a process of removal of the inflamed vermiform appendix and the inflamed tissue around it. The appendectomy operation is necessary in most cases of appendicitis as otherwise the inflammation is spreading and can cause very bad health conditions if the patient is not operated on in time.

The modern appendectomy can be performed with the help of a laparoscope. That is a special instrument that allows making very small cuts in the abdomen and the special instruments are put inside the body of the patient to remove appendix and inflammation around it. The laparoscopic instruments can have special video cameras and this makes the work of the surgeon easy as he can see what he is doing with the appendix and the other organs on the special screen during the operation. The laparoscopic surgery is one of the most progressive techniques that are now used during the operations in the best hospitals.

Appendectomy procedure is not too hard and long and the patient is able to renew his previous style of life in a week after the operation. But to avoid post -operational complications and possible infection of the scar or the stitch the patient must keep to the special diet several weeks after the operation and he must stay in bed about a week or even more. The physical exercises should be avoided after the appendectomy for quite along time. The detailed consultation about your ration and possibilities of physical activity after the appendectomy you can get from your doctor. After a week or two after the operation walks can be very useful and contribute to the faster renewal of the patient's energy and active way of life.

The detailed consultation should be received by your personal surgeon and doctor as he knows about your previous diseases and the peculiarities of your organism. So, what to do to remain healthy your doctor knows better than our specialists. The general suggestions are to avoid fat food, indulge in sports and be happy. This will prevent you from many illnesses as well as from appendicitis.

The more professional info about appendectomy you can get from various Internet sources and from a variety of medical books.

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