A Hair Brush Review - Good Information That can Save Your Scalp

According to historical data, antique women spent a lot of time regarding the care of their own hair. The most part of the hair care procedures was carried out while bathing. Combing hair was considered as the most useful procedure. Slaves and servants were combing hair with special crests or brushes greased in oils or special extracts for several hours. In opinion of modern experts, correct combing is really rather useful and necessary procedure for health and normal hair growth. A hair brush review will prove helpful so you don't purchase a brush that will rip your roots out.

Many women comb their own hair several times a day. However, it is necessary not only to comb hair frequently but it is necessary to do it correctly.

Cosmeticians allocate 4 basic types of hair: dry, normal, fat and damaged. To choose a brush for combing is necessary according to the type of hair and its length. In order to choose a brush for hair competently and correctly it is necessary to make a brief hair brush review. In the given hair brush review various types of hair brush and their basic features will be included. Besides it is necessary to note specific properties of each type of brushes and their application.

All variety of hair brush in the given hair brush review can be divided into 3 basic types: massage brushes (paddle brush and cushion brush), round brushes for stacking, hairbrushes (hairbrushes with often fingers and rare fingers). To the first type concern some versions of massage brushes.

They differ from each other in material of which fingers are made and the presence of special cushion. Fingers can be made of various materials: wooden, steel, plastic, bristle. Besides some massage brushes can have small plastic or steel balls on the tips of fingers. Such brushes provide strong massage effect and considerably improve blood circulation in the top layers of epidermis of the head. Improvement of blood circulation renders positive effect on amplification growth of hair, normalization of fatty balance of the skin and regeneration of hair bulbs. However, it is necessary to be very accurate while combing hair with the help of any type of massage brushes as these brushes can considerably injure the structure of hair.

Cushion brushes render less expressed massage effect, however they practically do not damage hair. Besides rather good massage effect is rendered by brushes with natural bristle. Massage brushes are desirable for applying to short hair, which concerns to a category of normal or fat hair. Nevertheless, brushes with natural bristle can be used for combing long hair of any type.

Round brushes are applied more often to create a volumetric appearance or ringlets. Stacking of hair with the help of round brushes can be thermal or with the use of special mousses, gels or foam for hair.

The special attention in the given hair brush review should be given for hairbrushes. Hairbrushes are the most ancient subject, which was applied to hair combing. Ancient hairbrushes were produced from tree, horns of large horned livestock or armor of turtle. However, plastic, tree, steel, ivory and ebonite are used for manufacturing of modern hairbrushes.

Hairbrushes made of ivory concern to the category of the most expensive hairbrushes. They can be inlaid with gold or jewels. However, it is possible to use simple hairbrushes from natural materials for daily combing of hair which do not damage hair and easily untangle the confused hair.

Hairbrushes are applied more often to comb long hair, and it is desirable to comb hair with hairbrushes with rare and big fingers. These hairbrushes do not tear hair and provide combing long hair quickly.

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