A Female Condom Description - Easy-to-Follow-Instructions are Helpful

A female condom description serves to answer the question of what the female condom actually is. Female condom in its essence is a pouch or a sheath made of polyurethane. Its length is about 17 cm (or 6.5 inches). Female condom usage is highly efficient and relatively simple. By studying the female condom description you will not only find out about the female condom usage but also about female condom and STD's

Female condom description can be reduced to the following: it is a pouch or sheath made of polyurethane and worn by the females during the intercourse. The length of the female condom is approximately 17 cm (6.5 inches). Its protective function lies in its covering the entire vagina and thus helping to prevent undesired pregnancy and safeguard the organism from STD's (meaning sexually transmitted diseases).

One of the ends of the sheath is open. The ring which is at the end, is placed at the vagina entrance. It performs the important function of guiding the partner during the penetration and stopping the condom from bunching up. The female condom description specifies that the inside lining of the device is lubricated by the silicone based substance. But still, additional lubrication is welcome. What has to be noted about female condom description is that there is no spermicide contained in it.

According to the female condom description and advice on usage the male and female condoms should not be used simultaneously, as the friction created can easily lead to breakage. Female condom description features some facts concerning the female condom history. It dates back to the year 1993, when the device was approved for public usage. Mention must be made of the fact that since then the female condom usage was spread all over the world.

The female condoms are generally characterized by wide availability. Throughout the world there are a variety of female condom producers and brands, for example, Reality, Femy, Femidom, Domonique, Care and others. Female condom description dwells upon the correct usage of the device. After opening the package and extracting the device it is suggested that you choose a comfortable position, which would be the best suitable for insertion. You could squat or sit, lie down or raise your leg.

Female condom description stresses the importance of the condom being lubricated enough. Should the condom move out of place in the course of the intercourse, it is essential that you stop, remove the device, insert another and add more lubricant. After the intercourse the sheath has to be removed carefully.

The female condom description and the recommendations regarding its usage do not allow for the device being reused. If the female condom feels unfamiliar it is quite normal. It may seem a challenge to insert it correctly. But you will see for yourself that if you follow the instructions provided in the female condom description the task is not that hard. Practice makes it easier every time you do it. Female condom description attracts attention to the female condom and STD's correlation.

In this respect it has to be said that female condom does provide the protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Among other female condom benefits are the following: by using the female condom the woman is able to share with the man the responsibility. It can be of the greatest use should the partner refuse to wear a condom.

The material used to make female condoms is very unlikely to cause a reaction, which is more often the case with the male condom. Female condom and STD's are absolutely self-exclusive, which is good news.

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