Actors and Real Names of Theirs are Much Different

Would we still be so fascinated with actresses and actors and real names of theirs? Would we still rush to the box office if we knew our favorite star's first name was Cecil or Poopsi? But Hollywood is a dream factory, and one of its responsibilities is creating names with a 'star quality". Such is the case with two of Hollywood's most perennial stars - Kirk Douglas and Michael Caine.

What do we know about actors and real names? It is impossible to know, but much a little digging and research can reveal more than we expect.

When we talk about actors and real names, no one is actually who they seem. Take for example Kirk Douglas. His story is a classic tale of a man who rose from rags to riches. When we discuss actors and real names, Kirk Douglas is one who rose above his humble beginnings and conquered all of Hollywood.

The real name and a surname of Kirk Douglas is Issur Danielovitch Demsky. He was born in Amsterdam (New York) and studied at St. Lawrence University, and in the American Academy of Drama Art in New York. We should take into account that the debut of Kirk Douglas took place in the cinema, when Issuer Demski was in his early thirties. It becomes clear that he spent a long time arriving at this point and tried a lot of trades and occupations in a life before his true destiny finally smiled at him.

The son of immigrant parents from Poland, Issuer spent time to working in a mine, as a repairman, and he even served in the United States Navy, spending time on a ship in thee Pacific during the Second World War. Subsequently, Kirk Douglas said many times that these life experiences proved useful to him when he became an actor later in life. By the way, memoirs on own difficult youth forced Kirk Douglas to be a tough and strict father in the relation with his own son - famous Michael Douglas. Himself a son of actors and real names.

Issuer made the decision to connect a life with theatre and cinema in mature age, carefully having weighed all the pros and cons. However, the desire of the young man to devote the life to art was too great. Still studying at the university, he amazed the teachers with surprising concentration, persistence on achievement of the purpose and huge desire to study. No wonder, that this diligence was noticed and teachers recommended the student to theatrical managers. The debut took place in 1941 on the Broadway and was not successful. Certainly, it was far from a true triumph, but critics and spectators favorably met the occurrence of the beginner on a stage.

The young man was to be remembered as thin, nervous, with a quick look who hardly ever blinked his eyes, hook-nosed, with characteristic dimple on a chin (under the statement of physiognomies - a true attribute of strong will), he was not similar to the hero - lover. Moreover, he did not aspire to resemble him. More likely, he caused associations with people generated by poverty and lawlessness, people who aspired to lay at any cost to itself a way upward, to snatch at a life the slice of happiness.

The story of our next actors and real names hero is different. Michael Caine is the next in the line of actors and real names. Given birth from the father - a furniture mover, and a mother - a house maid in the southern area of London, Morris Maculate got out of poverty to glory in 1966 when he played the ladies' man of a low origin by name Alfi. Much later, he played agent Harry Palmer in the trilogy of movies about spies. On a course, he has thrown out the second part of his surname, having replaced it on more refined Michael Caine.

In the beginning of his career Caine was a confirmed ladies man and scrapper, but in time he became known all over the world.. Now in his late 60's, he plays lesser roles while trying to devote more time and effort to his restaurants.

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