Sclerotherapy information and peculiarities

Sclerotherapy information is rather important for people suffering from spider or varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is a certain treatment of spider and varicose veins which involves injecting a particular solution into these veins. Some people don't even know they have spider veins because they may be hidden under the fat and skin. This is a problem for a great number of people.
Sclerotherapy belongs to non-surgical methods of spider and varicose veins treatment. It is a common knowledge that varicose and spider veins are both unattractive and aching. That is why sclerotherapy is considered to be not only a cosmetic, but also medical procedure. Sclerotherapy information has become pretty important today because many people all over the world suffer from spider and varicose veins and require proper treatment. Speaking about the sclerotherapy information it's impossible not to tell you some words about other possible spider and varicose veins treatment methods. For instance, there are several medical treatment options available on the market which restore venous circulation to its normal and proper functioning by removing undesired veins and therefore - rerouting blood to other (healthy) vessels. The mentioned method is considered to be the best cosmetic option for eliminating existing varicose and spider veins. Among other possible methods are collapsing the blood vessel which has been affected. Other techniques are known to remove veins through the surgery. It's important to know there are also non-surgical ways of varicose and spider veins treatment. They include sclerotherapy which is considered to be a painless procedure of injecting a certain chemical into the affected vein. Surgical and non-surgical treatment methods are often combined to achieve better results. Therefore, sclerotherapy information should include basic facts about the sclerotherapy procedure, candidates, possible results and side effects. Among sclerotherapy candidates are the people with varicose and spider veins, reticular varicosities or their reoccurrence. The majority of those who choose to undergo sclerotherapy becomes cleared of small varicosities and sees great health condition improvement. So, the sclerotherapy expected results meet the expectations. According to recent statistical sclerotherapy information, about 10% of sclerotherapy patients have poor results (meaning that the affected veins haven't disappeared after six treatment procedures). In rare cases, the patients experience worsened condition and development of new spider or varicose veins. One should be aware that each affected vein may require more than one injection to go back to normal. So, usually several injections are made some weeks apart. If the patient has multiple veins they can be injected in one session of treatment. Well, according to sclerotherapy information the number of treatment sessions usually depends on the extent of varicosities and the patient's agreement to follow all the necessary post-treatment instructions given by doctor. The average number of sclerotherapy sessions is three or four. It's very important for sclerotheraoy candidates to be aware of all possible side-effects which the procedure can entail. Among the most common of them are itching, ulceration and sloughing, telangiectatic making (or hyperpigmentation) and various allergic reactions.
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