The online gambling addiction

According to statistics, one in ten people has an online gambling addiction and can't get out of it anymore. In addition, the worse the gambling addiction is, the more that they have a loss for life, their circle of friends, their hobbies, and their broken family. One person out of ten becomes a slave and servant to the gambling addiction.

The victims of an online gambling addiction will not take a taxi or go to rehabilitation. On the other hand, the wife shouldn't worry if her husband comes home on foot the next day. In the other aspects, the online gambling addiction is the same. People can hold on for a week, a month, or even longer but then all the same, will wish to get into this ideal world. He will do this especially quickly, if someone reminds him about his illusionary existence every 100 steps.

The victims of an online gambling addiction magically agree on the chance of the prize through mathematical rules and elementary logic of the device in the world to prove that it is impossible. In order to feel again the inconceivable emotional rise from the anticipation of the game, he will be ready to do anything for the game. This includes conflicts, debts, and crimes. He can even sell the house which he built from such inspiration for himself and himself and his children. Now the inspiration is brought only with the game. Moreover, if the chance to play anymore, he doesn't wish to live.

The psychological dependency on the game is the same illness as narcotics or alcoholism. Alongside them an online gambling addiction has already begun for a long time which is one of the main problems for this society. Gambling pulls out the person from society transforming him into the callous and automatic search for means of the next loss. His efforts and benefits of work are not a benefit to him or his relatives, but are a real benefit to the owners of the casino.

In some countries, where the game business is advanced it has long standing traditions. However, there are others where they are under an interdiction within almost 80 years. There is no civilized gambling culture. To construct it, it had to be made so that the gambling institution became one of the only places of entertainment and rest, instead of a launching pad on the road to suicide is our problem Moreover, this is a task for authority.

In the countries in Europe and the United States the basic contingent of visitors of game institutions are pensioners. The game for them is a way of a pastime and they have no purpose and task. Behind poker and the roulette wheel stay the days of the man's productive age from 25 to 45 years old. He is the perfect example for gambling addiction victim. Rates become for them a substitute for social activity and the illusion of the upward movement to success.

Now, only in one large city there are about 300 thousand people with a gambling problem. According to statistics, about three to five percent of inhabitants of large cities suffer from an online gambling problem. Therefore, only five percent of them realize that they are sick and agree to treatment. The number of the described traps in the modern world comes closer to two and a half thousand problems. It is us as citizens that have allowed them to be placed everywhere for our children and ourselves. We need to dismantle these traps or they will dismantle us.

It is possible to do this. The example of a similar social and critical decision has been recently shown to the management of one of the European regions. In the beginning of August in 2005, the vice premier of the government had given the order to close all the game halls for a week. He has also vowed personally to go and break automatic devices of those mountain businessmen who will not execute the order.

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