Major online poker tournaments

Poker tournaments are tournaments at which competitors play a specific variant of poker, and the winners are determined for each separate variant played at the competition. The tournament's format significantly differs from that of the ring game, in which the game continues without a strict structure to determine the winner in a specific time span. Online poker tournaments are becoming more and more widespread nowadays.
Poker is a card game. It belongs to the category of gambling games called vying games. Poker is played all around the world, but the USA can be just called the heart of the poker's popularity. It's the classic game of all westerns.

Usually five cards are dealt to each player. Then players try to make up the combination of two or more cards with the equal values, five cards in sequential order, or five cards of the same stripe. The typical deck of 52 cards is used in poker. Every deal can be deemed as a separate game with its pot, preliminary wagers and bets. In each deal the central pot is awarded to the player(s) with the most successful combination of cards. There is another kind of poker so-called video poker. This single-player game was designed particularly for playing in casinos.

Poker as we know it today was brought from the Mississippi. By the middle of the 19th century, the game was swiftly developing into its present-day form. The Civil War led to a drastic blast in the recognition of poker. During the war a great number of soldiers played the game in camps across the South and North. This war brought about considerable variations of poker as well. Such variants as 'stud poker,' 'the draw,' and 'the straight' came out during this very period. By the end of the war, poker had turned out to be America's much loved card game, played virtually anyplace, where a deck of cards and two or more men could be found. By the beginning of the 20th century, the experience-based game of draw poker rose to prosperity.

There are lots of online poker tournaments held around the world every year. There is also a great number of online poker tournaments available to all players regardless of physical location on a regular basis. We will briefly review a few of the most popular tournaments. Online poker tournaments in the following list are run in specific locations and on a regular basis only. Thus, Europe hosts European Poker Tour, Poker Million, Late Night Poker, British Open, etc. Two largest poker tournament held in North America are World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour both run in Binion's Horseshoe casino in Las Vegas.

In a classic tournament, each player deposits a particular entry fee (a.k.a. buy-in) and obtains, in return, a fixed amount of in-game money, also called play money, always represented in the form of invariable poker attribute, i.e. poker chips. When a player runs out of the poker chips, he or she leaves the tournament.

In the majority of online poker tournaments, the number of competitors at each table is kept unchangeable even by moving players, either by substituting one player or taking the whole table out of play and scattering its players amid the remaining tables. A few poker tournaments, known as shoot-outs, have different regulations. In these tournaments, the last player (occasionally the last two players) at a table is promoted to a second or third tournament's round, similar to a single-elimination competition found in other poker games.

The prize pot for winning generally depends on the entry fee. However, the external funds may be involved as well. In most tournaments, play goes on until only one player remains. Alternatively, in some tournament events, mainly informal ones, the competitive players may finish the tournament by mutual agreement.
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