Many people are fascinated with the roulette game online

Online gambling is very developed today and there are many different opportunities to play the roulette game online. Almost any casino on the internet has a roulette table, and in many case even not a single table, but several different versions of the roulette game. And many casinos also have an option of betting virtual money, which allows you to have a free roulette game.

The most popular casino game - roulette - has a very long history of its development. It has all started in the 17th century with the development of the roulette wheel. And this very first roulette wheel had only 36 numbers on it. There were pockets numbered from 1 to 36.

Much later Louis Blanc improved that modification of the roulette wheel. He added one more pocket to it. So this modification of the roulette wheel had already 37 pockets numbered from 0 to 36. This kind of roulette wheel is known till modern days as European roulette. And when this wonderful game came to America, an additional zero field was inserted into the roulette wheel (such an addition increased the house odds from 2.7% for European version to 5.4% for that new version of the roulette game), and since that time such a modification is called American roulette.

Today roulette is still very popular. The demand for this game is so huge that different casinos started installing different sorts of the roulette machines in halls. Of course, it is not the original roulette game, but most of the casino visitors are satisfied with it. And for the most devoted roulette lovers there is always a roulette table as at many casinos you can even meet both European and American versions of the game. There is no doubt that there are other very popular casino games, like craps or blackjack, but roulette will always be the "king of the casino" as it is sometimes called. It is hard to imagine a casino without a roulette table.

And in the sector of online gambling roulette is also very popular. There are many internet surfers that want to play the roulette game online. It is much easier to start playing on the internet than in the real life and that is the reason for so many online gamblers and their number is constantly growing. And as long as there are many different online casinos presented in the modern market to attract new clients, many casinos offer different bonuses which is an additional stimulus to start playing the roulette game online. Such thing as a "sign-in" bonus which is offered to every new client on their first money transaction is almost a usual thing these days. With the roulette game online casinos offer gamblers to get the complete feeling of being at the real world casino as the latest technologies of web programming allow wonderful sound effects and perfect graphics.

Those players who are looking for their own betting strategy can also benefit from the roulette game online casino offer today. Usually there is an option of playing for virtual money and this mode is called "fun play". So a gambler can easily make all the bets at the roulette table using this virtual money with no need to spend the real money. For the real money and virtual money modes the very same software is used and all the results obtained with fun play mode are appropriate. In most cases you can also download the roulette game from a web site of the internet casino and install it on your home computer - i.e. you get the free roulette game - as well as any other casino games you want to play. Playing at home you can get used to the particular online casino's software and improve your betting skills before the real game on the internet.

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