Poker tournament strategy is an important background of the game

It's a common knowledge that successful playing in a ring game doesn't always mean the same success in poker tournaments. The games are really very alike, but still have some distinguishing features and differences in a poker strategy. The objective is still earning as much money as possible. But in tournaments a player should always be ready to lose. At the same time there is also a great opportunity to win because usually more than one winner gets cash prizes.
Poker tournaments have become very popular with online poker players over the last few years. It can be easily explained by increasing of television coverage, and extending internet opportunities. Most poker players prefer participating in online poker tournaments for the reason it's very simple to get huge prizes even when each participant makes very small investments before the game (usually the same amount of money).

The basis of any poker tournament strategy is not to lose all the chips the player has. While playing a hand the player should always control his/her betting. But if you have no great hand, your risk to lose is higher than ever before, because you aren't able to control the betting.

Poker tournament strategy in all online tournament means that the player cannot bluff much. The reason is that the pot may become much higher than stacks of other players. There is a simple rule in poker tournament strategy: "you lose all your chips or win all of them". The peculiarity of any online poker tournament is that sometimes, for instance on the last stages of the game, it might be even important to lose the chips! Every more or less experienced poker player knows this. But at the beginning of the game (on its first stages) your poker strategy shouldn`t mean having too much venturous steps, because the cash prize on these stages usually isn't impressive. But at the same time 70% of poker players prefer bluffing only on the first stages; they often indicate the bad players who would pay off.

At the middle stage of the online tournament the players are usually offered to change their poker tournament strategy. The stakes are permanently increasing, that's why it's better not to wait, but move forward and begin to pick up plots. The majority of experienced poker players intend to be more risky, become more aggressive towards their opponents, try to be more pushing during the game. That's why the risk to lose for others is growing and beginners start playing quite cautiously.

At the last stage a good poker player is usually very close to money and has a lot of opportunities to steal pots and capitalize. That's why the character of poker tournament strategy changes: the game might be less active; if not - it is recommended to accept more aggressive tactics of the game. At this stage you may double your hand if it's great; otherwise - you should be careful. As one of the variants of your poker tournament strategy professionals recommend to provoke a situation, in which your opponents will be forced to risk all their chips. But still it's not the best variant in case of playing with bad players who can call everything.

On the basis of this typical steps of the poker strategy we extract the following types of tournament strategies:

1. Single Table tournament strategy (STTS)

2. Multi-table tournament strategy

3. Freeroll tournament strategy

4. Re-buy tournament strategy

Naturally, each of the strategies mentioned above has distinguishing features. For example, the first one (single table strategy) means for the player that he/she will have to put much effort and savvy to win. The most famous poker style is Multi-table tournament strategy. Poker World Series and the World Poker Tour are the brightest examples of this strategy type. To win in the game played according to this type you should be passive at the first stage, then - have moderate tactics in the middle and activate yourself in the end. Only the final stage of the game is for taking risks. Freeroll tournament strategy is the most appropriate for the beginner, who will have an opportunity to win hundreds of dollars! Contributed by Fred Parker, Re-buy strategy means that the player should always re-buy when it's possible.

So, every particular poker player (depending on the knowledge, opportunities and objectives) may choose a certain card poker strategy which will suit him/her best of all.
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