To learn Blackjack system is your first step to understand the meaning of Black Jack and its aims

The gambling theory says, that if you want to become the excellent Blackjack player, you have to learn all rules, details and secrets of Blackjack; you have to try yourself in training in local casinos, to speak with bright players. To learn how to play in Baccara you have to learn European blackjack rules. Your experience will grow if you make many efforts to enlarge your knowledge with new parts of Blackjack system and new emotions.
Black Jack is played all around the world. Many casinos prefer their clients to play different kinds of this popular gambling game. All types of this game are collected into Blackjack system.

You can select any kind of Black jack in a casino. For example, you can play Double-Blackjack, you can use such variants: Doubling, Splitting, Surrender, Insurance. Blackjack system includes different rates, you are to make in a game. Many casinos to admire their clients use the system of bonuses. Bonuses are paid for special card-combinations that collects a player.

Blackjack system consists of: types of Blackjack and their rules, the system of casinos who support blackjack, a large blackjack bank, where are saved lost rates of losers. Now we want to tell you about the European variant of Blackjack, which is included to the system.

So, in the USA people play Black Jack, but in Europe people play Baccara. American "Blackjack" is equal to the European "Baccara". There is also a reductive variant of Baccara - "Shmen-de-Fer". Now we want to explain you European blackjack rules.

There are used eight packs of cards in Baccara. In the course of a game a player has to collect the quantity of spots, which is maximally close to 9. It is a very interesting fact - that the King, the Queen, the Jack, Tens and any card combinations with a sum total of spots - 10 - have no value. Rest of cards has a significance that is equal to their face-value: the Ace has 1 spot, the Two - 2 spots and so on. The card combination of two Eights on one hand has a value of six spots.

The next step in the Baccara game is the following: packs are thoroughly mixed and cut with a plastic card. Then they are put into the special box. A role of a dealer accomplishes one of players. He distributes for one card to all players and to himself. The assumption of a croupier is to declare the quantity of collected slots. If a sum of slots of the players and of the banker is eight or nine, the banker declares "natural" (additional cards are not dispensed during this procedure). If a player and a banker have no eight or nine on their hands, then a supplementary card is given: the right side is up. These are the most important European blackjack rules.

But there is also Mini-Baccara, which is spread in Europe, too. The rules of Mini-Baccara are the same with Baccara rules. But in Mini variant only a dealer can distribute the cards. This game can play no more then seven players simultaneously.

There are three kinds of rates in Baccara and Mini-Baccara. They are:
1. on the banker's hand
2. on the player's hand
3. on the rate "tie" (when a player and a dealer have the same rates)

After a dealer's words: "Rates are made!" takes place a dispensation of cards on players rates and dealer's rate. Rates are to be made before a dealer says: "Rates are made!" Then the game goes on.

So, now you have much information about European blackjack rules and strategies, which belong to the whole Blackjack system.

If you want to get real impressions and to feel the spell of dollars, go to Europe, go to the USA, go to Las Vegas! Good luck!
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