The motherboard Foxconn Intel I945

The Foxconn Company is known as the OEM producer of motherboards for a long time. However, it has recently become known as a participant of the retail hardware market. People meet more motherboards, marked with the Foxconn logo and developed for the LGA775 platform. Foxconn motherboards are specific products, which should be aggregated with the processors of the Athlon family.

The company Foxconn became popular after the release of the LGA775 platform. The Foxconn produces almost each processor socket of that type. Additionally, the company produces many computer components, such as Foxconn dual core motherboards.

Foxconn has recently become a participant of the retail products market. Almost all motherboards, proposed by Foxconn, are developed for the Intel platform. Let us take a look at the example of Foxconn Intel i945 with the support of the DDR-2 memory type.

The Foxconn Intel i945 works with the processors Intel Pentium 4 or Celeron Prescott with the bus clock 800/533 MHz. It is obvious that the motherboard uses the socket LGA775. Another significant feature is that the Foxconn Intel i945 supports processors with the HyperThreading technology.

The Intel i945 chipset has some specific features of the electronic scheme. It has the north bridge Intel 915P Memory Controller Hub (MCH) and the south bridge Intel 82801FB Enhanced I/O Controller Hub (ICH6R). The Interface between the bridges is organized with the DMI communication.

The Foxconn Intel i945 has four 240-pin contact slots for the DDR2 SDRAM DIMM. There is a possibility to extend the memory volume up to 4GB. The system supports the memory DDR2 400533. There is a possibility for the dual channel memory access.

The motherboard allows the connection of a video adapter via the slot PCI Express x16. In this way you can extend and improve the video system of the initial product.

The extension modules can be connected via the standard PCI ports. The motherboard Foxconn Intel i945 has three 320bit PCI Bus Master slots and there are three slots PCI Express x1. There are eight USB 2.0 ports. Four ports are integrated and four ports are additional. The motherboard provides with two fast ports IEEE1394 (FireWire).

The sound functionality is implemented with the integrated sound controller High Definition Audio 7.1. The system board has a network controller Gigabit Ethernet.

Each modern motherboard gets an evaluation due to the possibilities for the overclocking. A user can accelerate main parameters of the Foxconn Intel i945. For instance, overclockers are able to change the FSB clock from 200 up to 350 MHz with the step 1 MHz. He can also change the voltage of the processor, memory and chipset. You can perform the overclocking efficiently with the utility by the Foxconn SuperStep (aka SuperUtility).

The motherboard permits the implementation of an advanced disk sub-system, which will meet the requirements for the office PC or server for some small networks. There is one channel UltraDMA100/66/33 Bus Master IDE that supports up to two ATAPI devices. The system can also be equipped with the protocol SerialATA. The motherboard gives an opportunity to use four channels ICH6R. The system board includes an additional SerialATARAID controller, which is built on the microchip Sil3112R and has two channels SerialATA. The motherboard supports information storages, such as LS-120, ZIP and ATAPI CD-ROM.

Developers provide the BIOS system for the motherboard on the base of 4MBit Flash ROM. The system includes the BIOS Phoenix utility with the support for Enhanced ACPI, DMI, Green, PnP Features and Trend Chip Away Virus. The utility SuperLogo is another integral component of BIOS for the motherboard Foxconn Intel i945. This set of utilities provides many flexible ways to control and change the parameters of the motherboard.

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