The brochure display functions from Microsoft Office

It is not a secret, that the modern brochure display options of Microsoft Word document are considered to be very popular and convenient means among the users of Microsoft Office software package. These splendid brochure display functions allow an average computer user to create, modify and print a brochure. All the necessary steps and actions, which have to be undertaken for making a brochure design successful are described in this article in detail.

When you are selecting the page's parameters of the "brochure" item in the "Page setup" dialog box of the Microsoft Word document, a brochure display usually shows two pages per one sheet of paper. If you bend the printed sheets, you can make "a book", which is also called as a brochure. So that, this splendid possibility can be used in the Word documents, which contain more than two pages.   

It should be pointed out, that the best way for a brochure display in Microsoft Word 2003 is considered to be creating of a new empty document. The point is that, this procedure allows to avoid the further problems, which can occur at the next steps of brochure designing process. In general, these actions allow a user to avoid the difficulties, when the text, graphical and other elements are placed.

So, first of all, for a brochure display it is better to create a new empty document. By the way, an existent document can be also converted into a brochure, but the necessity to move some elements can appear in this case and it should be said, that it is not a very pleasant moment for a user.

So that, follow these simple actions for successful brochure designing:
1) Firstly, create a new empty Microsoft Word document;
2) Then you have to set all necessary parameters in the "Page Setup" dialog box, so that, for this reason - select the "Page setup" command, using the "File" menu of the document and then open the "Margins" page;
3) Then select the "Brochure" item from the "Multiple pages" dropdown list; It should be pointed out, that if the "Portrait" brochure display orientation is set, Microsoft Word will replace it automatically with the "Landscape" orientation. 
4) Enter the necessary number of blanks, which have to be placed in a brochure. If you need to add some empty space to a brochure, in order to place a binding, so that - select and enter the necessary number in the "Gutter" field of the "Page setup" dialog box.
5) Select the necessary number of pages for a brochure from the appropriate dropdown list. If the number of pages in a document exceeds the number of pages, selected for a brochure, in this case, Microsoft Word will print a document as several brochures.
6) Select the other necessary parameters in the "Page setup" dialog box. In order to get the detailed information concerning some parameter - press the appropriate button and then click on the necessary parameter. 
7) Also, you can add to the document such important parameters for a brochure display, as: the text, running heads, graphical and other elements.

As to the upper running head, which can include both the text and pictures, it is usually placed in the upper part of each page of a section. As to the bottom running head - it is placed in the bottom part of each page. As usual, the running heads contain the following information: the number of a page, chapter's titles, dates, the names of authors and etc. It should be said, that the other elements are also added to the documents.

In order to print your ready brochure, press the "Properties" button and then set the necessary brochure display parameters. If in the opened dialog box you are asked to set the page's orientation, so that, select the "landscape" orientation of the page.

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