Some pros and cons of bulky box online ads

As any other kind of online advertising and marketing tools, bulky box ads have their specific pros and cons. Such ads are highly able to capture your target customers? attention and they are quite hard to overlook. Nevertheless, some of such advertisements are not as consumer friendly as banners. Find out more about bulky box ads? pros and cons from this article. Read on.

As any other businesses, Internet companies need good advertising to promote their Web sites, products and services. Advertising is an effective business communication. Although most people use the Internet for all types of communications, it is overload with various information and advertisers have to work hard to get their ad messages out to their target consumers. In the online world there are several different kinds of advertising tools. Among them, there are affiliate programs, links, mailings, banners, bulky and wardrobe boxes, etc. All of these advertising tools may serve different marketing and promotional purposes and have their own pros and cons.

Banner ads and bulky box advertising mostly is used to promote advertisers? web sites. Some marketers believe that banner and bulky box ads are best for producing ad impressions and increasing the customer awareness rather than for generating high click-through rates. The others have a different opinion as to banner and bulky box advertising. However, most of them agree that the efficiency of such advertising tools is constantly decreasing.

Nationally, banner and bulky box ad click-through rates are less than one percent. Nevertheless, many site owners and online companies successfully use those ads to increase the customers? awareness about their brands and companies and to direct traffic to their sites. To make their banners more eye-catching, many advertisers create large format banner ads. Such bulky box ads can be of a CD case size, for instance. Some affiliates permit to locate such large ads in the middle of their sites? pages. In this way they will definitely attract and capture the customers? attention. Moreover, when customers click them, bulky box ads show readers your advertising information without the need to leave a currently open page. Unlike the banners, bulky box ads are much harder to ignore.

Nonetheless, such bulky box ads may create certain inconveniences for page readers and to shade out the site contents. Some companies, such as Disney, place their large format banner ads at the right side of a page. Such advertisements do not interfere and do not shadow out the site contents, though they are large enough to be noticed. Disney calls them ?the Big Impressions?. The cons of such ads lie with the fact that people read pages from left to right and the ads may get overlooked, though such bulky box ads are more consumers friendly and belong to a more low-pressure type of advertising.

Another problem with banner advertising is that it is quite hard to measure its ad impression rates. Certainly, most advertisers can track their banners and see their CTR (click-though rates), but how do you measure banner impressions? That is the reason why some marketers doubt about the banner ads? efficiency for brand marketing. However, studies show that those consumers, who viewed the site page with banners, had five percent more of brand awareness than those, who viewed the same site page, but with no banners on.

After all, it is only up to you to decide what advertising tools to choose for your promotional campaigns and which of them will work best for attaining your marketing goals. Take into consideration all the advantages and disadvantages of any advertising media and then make your decision.


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