Software for the computer aided drafting

AutoCAD and SolidWorks are known as the best systems for the professional computer-aided drafting. There is a lot of information about these systems that could be interesting for the beginners and professionals at the same time.

Scientific investigations require the usage of the computers in full measure. With this tendency, computer aided drafting systems become more popular among the constructors and technologists. There are some software products that received the leading positions in the charts of tools for the computer aided drafting such as the AutoCAD and Solidworks.

Nowadays, the computer industry is developing fluently. The appearance of high effective versions of the Windows operation systems means transfer to the next level of computer usage in the everyday activity of the designers and engineers. This is a new level of the user's work and system architecture, providing the opportunities to solve the tasks, which were treated as unreal earlier.

The parametric modeling of the 3D solid objects in the AutoCAD Designer is one of the most advanced technologies for the computer aided drafting. This method is based on some known rules. Each detail in the machine building industry is a combination of some simple bodies and surfaces. The modeling process, performed in the AutoCAD Designer, allows to start with the creation of the typical profile at the surface. At the next stage the profile is updated with the 3D properties to build the basic form.

The typical profiles in the AutoCAD are prepared within two stages. The designer builds the profile's sketch at the drafting surface and then applies geometrical links and parameters. The XY surface of the user's coordinates system is in use by default. Therefore, the creation of the profiles for other draft elements can be in the different surfaces.

The new powerful tool for the computer aided drafting is SolidWorks. The approaches, used by this software, are a bit different from the AutoCAD standards. The main principle of the modeling with the usage of this software is the solid parametric modeling of the object. The simple objects and shapes are added to the current model or extracted from it. The primitives, used for 3D computer aided drafting by SolidWorks, have their places in the free oriented surface. SolidWorks has a powerful apparatus for the application of parameters and geometrical links, providing an opportunity to change some parameters and link it with the values of other parameters. In this way, the link between sketch and solid object is not violated. Thus, the designers are able to correct the model via its sketch.

SolidWorks has reach opportunities for the visualization and creation of the photo images with the usage of the additional light sources. The computer aided drafting system allows to control the characteristics of the material surface. In this way the software permits to work in real time mode with the toned images of the model.

Basing on the 3D model, the constructors and engineers are able to create the detail draft, combined from the main and additional views. This software supports multiple formats for the data exchange. This feature gives a possibility to use any graphical editor for the further handling of the draft. The ability for the integration with external designing systems is one of the requirements for these types of software.

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