Skyscraper everything about World's Tallest

The image of a skyscraper in today's urban society is that of a mega structure, rising to the sky that can only be found in a huge city like Hong Kong or New York. People have been always interested in everything concerning skyscrapers, and, finally, here it is a skyscraper page in the Internet, where you can find any kind of information about skyscrapers. There is also a skyscraper forum, where people discuss buildings, architecture, structure and construction updates.

A Skyscraper page is a site, dedicated to the wonders of architecture and engineering, skyscrapers. The Skyscraper page is a website that focuses exclusively on skyscrapers and other urban developments. It is a community-based webpage on skyscrapers. There is a large database of building diagrams, submitted by artists from all over the world. There is also a large forum for discussions on tall buildings.

The Skyscraper page's main feature is its world famous "Diagrams". The Skyscraper page Diagrams are a collection of detailed scale drawings of structures from around the world. What started in 1997 as a small collection of a few dozen of simple black and white drawings exploded into a searchable database of over twenty two thousand drawings of skyscrapers, buildings and other structures from the towering Skyscrapers of New York City and Chicago to the Provincial Headquarters of Nairobi, Kenya.

Such growth was possible, since the Skyscraper page Diagrams were created - and are being created - by an international volunteer community of thousands of illustrators, who submit their work to the site in the interest of promoting knowledge of architecture and man's great structural achievements. Anyone can submit an illustration to the Skyscraper page diagrams. As the only such existing collection, the Skyscraper page Diagrams have become a widely known and widely used resource for information on, and renderings of, Skyscrapers.

Most notably, the Guinness Book of World's Records used Skyscraper Page illustrations in the 2005 edition of its book. Its diagrams have also appeared in newspapers, magazines, and even in children's books all around the world. At the Skyscraper page there is also the latest news from around the globe about individual or master planned highrise projects and city compilation lists of highrise developments.

The skyscraper forum is a lively discussion forum, covering a variety of topics, including skyscrapers, cities, urbanity, architecture, engineering and transportation, extensive up-to-date lists of high-rise proposals and construction projects, a gallery of thousands of original photographs of buildings and skylines, etc.

Here it is some statistics: at Skyscraper forum there are over ten thousand registered users, over five thousand forum users and over twenty two thousand detailed scale drawings. People can also participate in a regional discussion forum, divided into following threads: Asia-Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and Africa, the United States of America. For instance, at the moment, the construction of the Burj Dubai is taking place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. It is expected to become the tallest building in the world, and it estimates the height range from seven hundred to nine hundred and fifty meters. With the rise of Burj Dubai comes a new class of building, being called super scrapers by the architectural community. While there is no official definition, any building over the height of Burj Dubai will be considered a superscraper.

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