PNY Quadro 4 with GeForce

PNY Quadro 4 is a fast and efficient video card. You can use PNY products for gaming and professional applications. These products implement efficiently the functionality of NVIDIA Quadro chip in order for you to use all its features. Low access time of the system bus and advanced functions of the graphical processor are the reasons to treat these video cards as competent tools for the video images processing.

The companies PNY Technologies and NVIDA agreed about the coordination of their efforts in the promotion of Quadro video cards for workstations. Thus, PNY Technologies has started providing the video cards on the base of NVIDIA chips Quadro 4 in Europe and Northern America. The PNY Quadro 4 video cards became new proposals for consumers in these countries and this production started obtaining more popularity all over the world.

The line of the professional video cards PNY Quadro 4 uses chipsets of the series Quadro 4 XGL and Quadro 2. There are such models, as Gloria 4 900 XGL, which the uses graphical processor Quadro 900 XGL. The system has a 128 MB of video memory with the 400 nvs access time and a Dual DVI interface.

The next model is Gloria 4 750 XGL with the Quadro 750 XGL, a 128 MB of video memory and supports DVI/VGA interfaces. The other models of the PNY Quadro 4 line with less advanced technical parameters are Gloria 4 700 XGL (the chipset Quadro 700 XGL, a 64 MB video memory, DVI and VGA interfaces), Synergy 4 550 XGL (the Quadro 550 XGL, a 64 MB video memory, a dual VGA), Synergy 3 (the Quadro 2 MXR, a 64 MB video memory, a DVI and VGA), Synergy 2000 (the Quadro 2 EX, a 64 MB video memory and a VGA interface). This line of models has the names, similar to the ELSA products. Actually, more likely that the PNY Quadro 4 contains some features of ELSA due to the companies? integration.

Recently, NVIDIA has announced a new professional video card, Quadro FX 3000. At the same time, PNY Technologies has given a start of sales to the video cards Quadro FX 3000 and Quadro FX 3000G. This video card is a modern follower of the PNY Quadro 4. The Quadro FX 3000 contains one GPU NV35, which is actually the graphical engine FX 5900. It has 256 MB of the memory onboard, two DVI outputs, one stereo cutoff-point, two RJ45 cutoff points (FrameLock) and one BNC (Genlock). The PNY Quadro 4 models do not have such a variety of the interfaces.

There is one specific feature of the Quadro FX 3000G, worth of your attention. This card possesses the function GenLock that allows synchronizing the frequency of the image rendering for the output to different sources for the further video processing. To say more, this functionality grants an opportunity to combine some graphical workstations.

The NVIDIA PNY Quadro 4 and the following lines of the video cards use OpenGL tools. The most popular models from the modern lines are the Quadro FX 1300 and Quadro FX 3400. These models have significant clock rates for the processor and memory. New versions of graphical memory cards with the clock 400 nvs have a good clock of the bus; hence, the processing of images can be performed proficiently.

The Video cards PNY Quadro 4 and their followers of the series FX 1300, FX 3400 and FX 3000 are good solutions due to the greatest variety of modern graphical accelerators, which can satisfy the most demanding gamers, as well as the most professional designers. You can refer to the tests of the PNY Quadro products to make sure that this is a good implementation of the NVIDIA graphical chipset. New models of this line are expected with new achievements of the NVIDIA works.

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