Pavilion - Business laptops from Hewlett Packard

HP Pavilion family is a full range of mobile computers, including business laptops and highly productive desktop replacement notebooks.


Notebooks with the Pavilion brand name are among the well known and widely spread mobile solutions in the world. These laptops were designed and developed by Hewlett Packard, the world leading IT Company in developing servers, printers and computers.

The Pavilion zd8000 Series - is the most powerful and efficient notebook in the line of the HP Pavilion laptops. Having Pentium 4 with the Hyperthreading technology and ATI Radeon X600 with a 256 Mb of memory on board, the devices of the xd8000 series provide the performance of a desktop computer in entertaining applications. To highlight the multimedia orientation of these notebooks, HP equipped them with a large seventeen inches display and chose the Windows XP Media Center Edition as the operating system for this type of the Pavilion laptops.

The Pavilion dv4000 Series - as the official site of HP says, the entertainment meets the mobile performance in these laptops. The devices of the dv4000 Series comes with Intel Celeron M or Pentium M, showing the clock rate at level 2.13 GHz. These laptops have an integrated video chip, which is not the best choice for dynamic games with 3D graphics and high definition video. Meanwhile, the dv4000 notebooks have the Intel Centrino Mobile Technology on board, what makes them strong business laptops with nice opportunities for entertainment.

The Pavilion dv1000 Series is the line of extra small and light notebooks with an enhanced productivity and mobility features. The device, of only 2.43 kg, is equipped with the Intel Celeron M 2.13GHz processor and an integrated video chip. It is one of the best laptops to consider for active and mobile business people.

The Pavilion zv6000 Series offers its customers the productivity and reasonable price of the AMD Athlon 64 processors. The Wireless LAN and Bluetooth support make this line to be an appropriate solution for the customers of business laptops.

The Pavilion ze2000t Series and Pavilion ze2000 Series are practically analogue products with the only difference in processors - the ze2000t has the Pentium M processor and the ze2000 has the Celeron M processor. Both lines of the HP laptops have the integrated video chips from Intel and the fifteen inches XGA display. Having the weight up to three kg, they can be used as the business laptops for fulfilling most of the business tasks on the go.

The Pavilion ze2000z Series is the most affordable mobile solution in the Pavilion family. The notebooks of this line have the AMD Sempron or Turion processors, allowing HP to decrease the prices up to five hundred and seventy nine US dollars. The compact design, available Bluetooth and wireless LAN support are among the key features of the laptops of the ze2000z Series. They can be also in use as the entry level of business laptops.

All in all, the Pavilion family of the portable personal computers from Hewlett Packard offers the sufficient range of solutions to satisfy different computing needs of the customers. There are traditional economic and efficient business laptops as well as highly productive media stations for entertainment and gaming among the HP Pavilion laptops.



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