Optio Pentax Cameras. Pentax Optio WP

Over the years Pentax has been a leader in the photographic industry. Today, PENTAX manufactures a wide variety of cameras, lenses, flashes and photo accessories. Its equipment covers the most popular photo formats, including: 6x7, 645, 35mm, Digital and Advanced Photo System formats. Moreover, PENTAX markets sport optics (binoculars), surveying equipment and closed circuit television lenses.

Pentax Optio WP is perfect for different water-relaxed activities, like poolside parties or boating. This compact, 5-megapixel point-and-shoot camera is waterproof to a depth of five feet. Due to its size and shape, it may be comfortably placed into any pocket or purse.

Although a circle of glass protects the lens zoom, the design of Pentax Optio WP is typical for snapshots cameras. A power button and a shutter release together with a microphone and a speaker are located on the top surface of the camera. A 2-inch LCD, a zoom lever, a four-way controller and a couple of dedicated buttons are placed on the back.

As the other Optio Pentax cameras, Optio WP is full of different features, like a great amount of scene modes (Portrait, Candlelight, Underwater, Pet and Skin Tone). In addition to that, there is a basic Green mode, which makes a photo quality better (though not the best), and activates some standard settings, like autosensivity or auto white balance.

WP in the name of this Optio Pentax camera stands for WaterProof. It can be submerged to one and a half meters (about 4.9 feet) and remain water tight for as long as thirty minutes. It is worth to mention that the camera is not really robust and can be scratched, which will make it unusable.

Another advantage of the Pentax Optio WP is playback options, which include a brightness setting, postprocessing red-eye fix, creating a slide show, editing movies, etc. It should be noticed that the internal memory of the Optio WP is enough only for three high-resolution images- thus, you will need a high-capacity memory card.

Pentax Optio WP captures sharp, well-exposed images with an exact color reproduction. In general, the quality of images is high, in spite of poor autofocus and awry auto white balance. The held tests proved that the underwater focusing was hit or missed. Some of the test shots were softly focused; the others vice versa crystal clear. The camera is equipped with a flash that has a Soft setting, which lessens the output. However, the tests showed that even with close-up shots, using this setting makes images underexposed.

The Optio Pentax cameras, Optio WP in particular, come with a little rechargeable Lithium ion battery. Since there is no AF illuminator, it is a little bit difficult to focus in low light. The lack of optical viewfinder makes you depend on the LCD to create your images. It is really usable under different conditions - even underwater.

The sharpness and good quality of the images, taken by the Optio Pentax cameras, will pleasantly surprise beginners and professional photographers. Optio WP showed high results even with fogging and other water-related effects.

Pentax continues to introduce innovative and industry-first technologies and covers many fields, from cameras and digital devices to medical equipment, industrial systems and biotechnology. The company's goal is to provide its customers with the tools for greater fun and pleasure. Pentax develops advanced technologies and manufactures user-friendly products in the many fields, in which it is active.

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