Open source database MySQL

Web developers all over the world prefer using the MySQL databases for their projects' implementation. This system proposes a high level of the reliability and stability of the service. The stability of web resources with big databases is the main purpose of the database management system. MySQL is one of the best solutions for the web development, since it is compatible with the PHP scripts and other Internet technologies.

The MySQL is the most popular open source database among the web developers. They can easy use it for the support of a project with different sizes. The MySQL allows fast database integration with different database management systems.

Many hosting providers propose the MySQL support for their clients. Usually, the implementation of web projects on the base of the MySQL open source database management systems does not provide any difficulties. You should do some simple operations to work with the MySQL databases:

- Create the MySQL database;

- Create the MySQL sub-user;

- Assign permissions to work with the MySQL database for the MySQL sub-user.


Regularly, the hosting companies propose a control panel for the sites management. You can use it for the MySQL database creation and at the same time, many providers prohibit the database creation with the help of the MySQL utility; therefore, you may be not able to create the database explicitly. Choose the item "MySQL databases managements" and click the "Add button". At this point you will be prompted to enter the database description. You can fill the description in any way you like; this is only a notification for your own memory, then, you will need to fill the form with the database connection parameters.

After clicking the "Add" button, you will see the confirmation window. Here you can see the entered parameters and the name of the database. As a rule, such systems generate the database name automatically to prevent duplication by different users. You can go back to the list of the database with clicking the "Next" button. The physical creation of the database files on the server can take some time due to the technical features and abilities. During the period of the server update, you will not be able to delete the just created database.

You can use the control panel to create the MySQL sub-user. The item "Sub-user MySQL management" controls this function. The common actions are the same as for the database creation. Click the "Add" button, fill the description and parameters of the created sub-user and then, you will need to confirm the entered parameters.

You should remember the MySQL sub-user password. The system uses this password for the connection to open the source database server. Afterwards you can change the password. Only click the "Settings" button in the line with the proper user information on the management web page.

To use the open source database further, you should add the proper permissions to the just created user. Click the "Settings" button that corresponds to the needed database on the "MySQL databases management" page. The system will propose you to change the current setting for the database or change the permissions for the MySQL sub-user.

You can also have an opportunity to remove the databases. The operation is available via the "Settings" button. All you need is to make sure that you are removing the correct database. Not doing it in this way can cause the loss of information, which would be a catastrophe for a commercial project.

With the help of the MySQL open source database management system, you will be able to implement many different projects. Actually, this database is very reliable and can stand high loads.

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