Nike- just do your new shoes!

Nike corporation, leader in production of sports wear and shoes- have proposed it's customers a new innovative service. Now any visitor of, will be able to create shoes of own design and order them via internet. The campaign slogan is simple "Just do it- yourself!" (it is a derivative from a main Nike slogan "Nike - Just do it!"). The campaign aims at attracting new customers to the brand and marketing specialists predict that mainly it will attract teenagers. From the one hand, they can easily change tastes and from the other hand, they represent the biggest and the most active auditorium of sport shoes buyers.

Some analysts argue that a tendency of drawing brand closer to a customer will be more and more popular among top brands in the nearest time. This strategy will inevitably bring fruits to the companies struggling for the leadership on the market as it seems very attractive for a customer to be involved in the process of production creating the shoes of own dream that for sure will not let one get lost in a crowd. The decision to launch this new campaign was taken by Nike after the turnover on the US market of sport shoes has reached the point of 600 millions US dollars. This new service is abundantly supported by advertisements on the radio, TV and internet.

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