New models of pocket PC

Different producers of the pocket PCs develop new models with the higher technical parameters in the last months. Let's take a look at the new HP pocket PC that is worth of attention.

This mobile device has some traditional components. Chosen operation system is PocketPC. Technical parameters are not an outstanding.

Processor is mentioned as the basic component for any other computer type. In this case it is  Texas Instruments OMAP 1510 with clock rate equal to 200 MHz. Memory volume is 64 Mb. This is traditional RAM (SDRAM type) that is not in use for big computers anymore. Therefore it is sufficient solution for the mobile device. Permanent memory for this pocket PC is 20 MB on the Flash disk. Additionally this pocket PC has 55 MB of memory including 20 MB of iPAQ File Store.

New HP pocket PC has a high quality display. This is color TFT with the resolution 240x320 pixels and 65536 colors. Sizes of pocket PC display are 3.5 inches.

 This pocket PC is convenient enough due to its convenient sizes (75x119x19 mm) and shape. Its weight is 190 grams.

Another one event in the world of pocket PCs is HP iPAQ h6340. Its technical  characteristics  are high and attractive. This is communicator based on WM2003 PE platform. This device has GSM module working in 4 ranges. Besides of the mentioned GSM module there are an embedded WiFi and Bluetooth components.

The pocket PC supplies power from the 1800 mAh accumulator.

Distinguishing feature for HP iPAQ h6340 model is contemporary and pleasant design. There's an opportunity for QWERTY keyboard switching which allows swift typing of texts and messages.

 There are some modern opportunities for multi media at this pocket PC model:

-polyphonic dynamic;

-MP3 player;

-stereo - output;

-dictophone and an inserted microphone;

-possibility for garniture switching;

Additionally communicator has VGA photo camera with the resolution 640x480 pixels. There is one SD/MMC/SDIO extension slot provided. SD, SDC, MMC and SDIO cards and digital standards are supported by pocket PC.

One Lithium-Ion  attached accumulator is used optionally. Capacity of this accumulator for the pocket PC is 3600 mA/h.
HP Pocket PC supports some communication standards - traditional and some new ones. Among them we should mention Bluetooth, IrDA (Infra Red port), WiFi, GSM module, GPRS module and USB port.

Elements of the input and device management are traditional as well - these are sensor screen and stylus, hard buttons and multi positions joystick. There are features for hand-written detection such as  Jot and Block Recognizer.

HP communicator is provided with an embedded applications, such as the most popular Microsoft software for Pocket PCs - pocket versions of Outlook, Word, Excel and Internet Explorer for Pocket PC. There are also some specific applications such as  iPAQ Wireless - software manager for wireless communications and HP profiles -  an utility allowing to provide profile for wireless communication, Bluetooth manager and  iPAQ File Store - power independent storage for valuable data in Flash ROM.

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