New image editing tool from Adobe

The Adobe Company recommends itself as one of the strongest producers of the software design. The Imageready from Adobe proved this high position and provided rich opportunities to the web designers and general users. The Adobe Imageready is known as a very interesting image editing tool Let us find more about the amazing features of the adobe image editing tools.

The Adobe Imageready is known as a very interesting image editing tool. Each software product by the Adobe Corporation finds respect and trust among the professionals.

The Imageready developers have chosen the toy duckling as the logo for the new product. The team believes in the magic power of this talisman so strongly that they use it everywhere where it is possible. This attribute can be found in the file icons and droplets. The logo has been kept in safety since the prerelease stage of the product. At the same time the initial project's name was changed afterwards.

The common opinion is that the Photoshop package is the most popular software for the creation of web pages all over the world. However, the Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool, there is the fact that the PhotoShop is not very good for the web graphics optimization, the creation of the animated GIF and image cards. The Adobe Imageready 1.0 solves these tasks. This image editing tool straightened the position of the Photoshop Company on the market of the design software.

A web-designer has to create the style of the whole Web-server very often. This work includes the creation of the graphical elements group, such as banners, menus, buttons and separators combined with the common idea. The designer has to repeat a certain sequence of the actions to achieve the result. The Imageready image editing tool provides special tools, called droplets, to solve this problem.

A Droplet is the sequence of commands that is written as one common procedure instead of manual performing. The Imageready developers avoided the usage of the script programming languages for this purpose (like Visual Basic used for Microsoft Office). The user can save the droplets simply, repeat the sequence of the actions and save it to a disk.

You can create a droplet by the dropping of the Droplet icon to your desktop or choosing the responding command on the Optimize or Action tabs and at once, the file with the .exe extension is created. Double click this file icon to open the Droplet window. Since each operation, performed in the Imageready is saved in the editing history, you need to drop the record about it to the Droplets window. You should perform it for each action included in the procedure.

After saving the droplet, you should not think anymore about the numeric optimization parameters. Each image source file will be handled according to the algorithm you have set. Just drop it to the Droplet icon and the image editing tool will perform the rest automatically.

The Adobe Imageready performs an efficient optimization tool available on the special Optimize tab, where you can choose an appropriate format for your image. The Imageready supports all file types used in the web. In addition, the Imageready sustains 8 bit and 24 bit variants of the PNG format.

You can define the palette type, colors quantity and percent of the colors mixing for the GIF images. There are some tools for the manual setting and the compensation of undesired colors mixing of the GIF palettes. They are available at the special Optimized Colors tab.

These are some hints of how the new image editing tool from Adobe can make the life of the web designers much easier.


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