New features for nf7 motherboard

The ABIT NF7 motherboard revision 2.0 provides many advantages to an end user. This version of the card includes some fixing of the problems, which were previously detected. This motherboard can be the best solution if the chassis of your computer does not have much space inside. There is a support for PCI, PCI-Express and AGP ports. This motherboard is compatible with different types of devices you may have.

The company ABIT produced four revisions of the motherboard NF7 (-S) during the time of the chipset nForce 2 existence. The suffix "-S" in the name of NF7 motherboard means that it has the controller SerialATARAID and the southern bridge MSC-T.

The revision 1.0 of ABIT NF7 motherboard did not have mounting inlets at the socket's sides. In the next revision 1.1 this deficiency was fixed. In the revision 1.2 there were proposed some small corrections and a range of the processor voltage was decreased from 1.85 V up to 2.3 VP. Moreover, developers started providing some motherboards of this revision with a new stepping of the chipset.
The latest NF7 motherboard revision is 2.0. This version is almost the same as 1.2. The only changes proposed are only some changes of the PCB design.

A processor socket of the ABIT NF7 motherboard is placed close to the card edge. This is not a very convenient design of the PCB for assembling, since the AGP video card blocks DIMM latches. At the same time, this motherboard has many advantages. The card has mounting inlets from the both sides of the socket. However, the motherboard does not support some extra large models of coolers. For instance, you are not able to install the cooler Zalman 7000A or any other with similar parameters.

The ABIT NF7 motherboard does not provide information to an end user about the processor's kernel temperature. Simultaneously, the NF7 (-S) supports a hardware protection from overheating. This is a specific technology the Abit H.T.P. NF7 motherboard has onboard and the two-channel Serial ATA/RAID controller Silicon Image Sil3112A. The card is completed with the adapter Abit Serllel. Furthermore, the NF7 motherboard supports serial buses USB2.0 and FireWire.

The motherboard supports the six channel sound MCP-T with ALC 650 and the network controller Realtek RTL8201BL. The quality of the integrated sound is much better than of the previous revisions of the NF7 motherboard. Actually, this sound does not differ much from the quality of Live 5.1. This system is stable and has a good performance. It supports a processor connection via the SocketA that is popular and used by the best producers of processors.

The NF7 motherboard has strong abilities for overclocking. You can achieve good results for accelerating it either for the processor or for memory buses. Obtaining the ABIT motherboard can be the first step to make the whole system work much faster. The motherboard is provided with multiple software utilities by ABIT, such as FID, SoftMenu, FlashMenu, etc. One more interesting feature of the NF7 motherboard is an opportunity for the northern bridge active cooling.

A preliminary analysis of this motherboard and its parameters proves that it is a main candidate to accelerate your platform for the processors SocketA. The price of the motherboard is about one hundred dollars. A user gets a standard set and an additional bracket with two FireWire ports and one Serillel adapter. This is a good and efficient solution, which allows to create a powerful system for home or office on the base of Intel or AMD processors.

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