New Asus scalable server

Chenbro server cases take leading places in server hardware charts. Actually, each company that produces server hardware can use the Chenbro solutions for making their production more efficient. At the same time, a cooperation of Chenbro and Asus appears to be more proficient. Their common production is becoming very popular among modern owners of corporative networks.

ASUS and Chenbro have been cooperating in the last years and the results of this cooperation are very interesting and competent. Each ASUS scalable server that includes Chenbro components turns out to be very popular in the modern business world.

The Chenbro Company was founded in 1983, and it develops IT products, placing an emphasis on the production of cases for desktop computers, usual and rackmount servers. Chenbro profits achieved fifty millions dollars in 2001. There are about seven hundred Chenbro workers all over the world.

Chenbro trade mark is associated with multiple innovations and dynamic embedding of the inventions. The company developed a "tower" case type, which is the most popular type of PC shell till today. Nowadays, the company provides OEM solutions for the giants in the computer industry, such as Intel, Dell and IBM. Chenbro is a leader among the computer cases industry.

A traditional Chenbro server and ASUS scalable server can have common shells that are compatible with hardware solutions of different companies. A traditional Chenbro SR205 case has three internal and two external 3" modules, two 5" external modules, and it supports two coolers in the shell. The material is steel, 0.8 mm SECC. A power unit is optional, since the users of the ASUS scalable server or other hardware can require a different power solution. A specific feature of many Chenbro cases is a flap door. The Chenbro case costs about one hundred and fifty dollars.

Chenbro SR205 is a new model that is used for the initial level servers. This case has passed a simulating testing with the Intel Xeon 2.4 HHz processor successfully. An external design of this case is simple; nevertheless, it can contain many devices. This model can carry two processors and an internal structure is designed professionally. A user can access each component of the motherboard easily. At the same time, all edges are rounded. The SR205 does not provide any front ports, though it has a very convenient front shutter. The other companies use the Chenbro production very effectively, since it meets all the requirements for the server and PC cases. Nevertheless, each hardware producer should work for his heat sink system since, even if a computer case is perfect, the disadvantages of the cooling system will be bad for the work.

For instance, the ASUS scalable server is provided with an advanced heat sink system. It supports up to eight coolers for a high performance platform with two processors. The system contains four coolers for processors, four coolers for additional cards, a power unit and a back panel. This technology offers the best conditions for the heat dispersion. Placing all coolers in a single unit is a good solution, as it allows to save time for mounting of the system.

The Chenbro computer case is one of the most capable solutions for the ASUS scalable server external design. Internal components have a high quality and provide a performance, sufficient for all the server functions. These qualities are traditional for the ASUS hardware, which is known for the best price and performance ratio.



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