Molson Beer Company

Molson beer is one of the largest Canadian beer manufacturers. Brewing beer has a long and rich history in Canada, as it was brought there by the first European settlers in the 17th century. Thus, beer has become an essential part of the Canadian business and even of its popular culture. From this article you will find out more about the Canadian Molson Beer Company and about its advertising campaign.

Canada is a country with a long history of brewing beer. Therefore, the expression "Canadian brand" or Canadian product can be connected with the concept of brewing beer. The tradition and art of brewing beer came to Canada back in 1668 with its first European settlers. This business became very popular in Canada and has grown into a good tradition. Moreover, a cold climate of Canada is perfect for brewing beer,  though many things have changed since the 17th century. The Canadian tradition of brewing beer has not diminished and many of the large beer manufacturing Canadian companies, such as the Molson Beer Company, founded back in 1786 at Montreal, have appeared both on the Canadian local and international markets.


The Molson Beer Company together with the Labatt Blue is one of the largest Canadian beer manufacturers. As it has been already mentioned, the company was founded back in the 18th century by John Molson. The Molson beer is a leader of the Canadian beer market and the Molson beer brand is also quite popular among some segments of American markets, such as the US Canadian border markets or in such major beer consuming cities as Buffalo or New York City.


Beer, besides being a popular Canadian product, has also found its niche in the Canadian popular culture. Such movies as Strange Brew or such commedies as Bob and Doug McKenzie's sketches revolve around the beer theme. Moreover, some years ago the Molson beer company launched its I am Canadian advertising campaign, which became very popular among the Canadian population and even won an advertising industry award. This Molson beer advertising campaign was centered on the Canadian patriotism theme.


As a rule, Canadians are very sensitive when it goes about their national identity, since in some cases the meaning attached to the Canadian identity is rather negative. Frequently, to be a Canadian means a person simply is not a 'privileged' American or European. Thus, in its "I am Canadian" advertising trailer the Molson Beer Company appealed to the Canadians' sense of patriotism and to some of their anti-American feelings. In the "I am Canadian" trailer the Molson Beer Company showed an average Canadian person, speaking about his Canadian identity and about what does and what it does not mean to be a Canadian. 


This Molson beer advertising trailer won the appreciation and approval of some pro-Canadian consumers, though, at the same time, it faced with some opposition and some measure of criticism. Certain marketing experts thought that such advertising campaign appealed only to a strictly limited segment of Molson beer consumers and it failed to accomplish its marketing goal. Moreover, some consumers felt that the I am Canadian advertising was too much revolved and attached to the American concept of what it meant to be a Canadian and it was only an attempt to refute it.


Whatever would be the case with the I am Canadian Molson beer, the campaign was finally resigned by the company, when the Molson beer was purchased by an American corporation.



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