New technologies of mobile advertisement

Millions of people in the world use cell phones, and their number grows every day. The day when the Internet via cell phone becomes really cheap and accessible is not far off.

No one will argue the fact that investing money in mobile advertising is profitable.  However, do many advertisers know about the latest changes in the industry and realize what they can expect in the future?  This article gives a brief overview on the possibilities of mobile advertising and its prospects.


Knowledge is power, and making information about your products and services available to Internet and cell phone users, you get the best advertising exposure possible.  To find out more about actual profits of Cell Internet promotion of your business, you need to study the market of the most popular mobile companies in the world.  Nokia, Siemens, Motorola and many others do their best to win their market share, which means that soon the market will be saturated with innovative cell phones that will serve as wireless computers.  Therefore, the users will not need to go to Internet cafes or buy laptops to have Internet access.  Right now the Internet is already accessible in trains and airplanes, and with the rapidly changing world around us, we shall soon have wireless Internet connection in any part of the world at a low or reasonable price.  The time when you are aware of what is going on and always know the latest news receiving information to your device that combines the functions of a palmtop and a cell phone, anywhere in the world, is not the far off.


To make information about your products and services available, you should use the main Internet search systems such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, AOL, and others.  Using the databases of these companies' search systems, you will get your advertisement seen by both cell phone users and PC users.  Going local, you might need to find out more about local mobile content companies.  The Japanese unit of Microsoft Corp., for instance, is working with Japanese mobile content company Cybird Co. Ltd.  At the moment, Japanese users have access both from cell phones and PCs to 80,000 sites through the MSN search system, which is twice more than what local companies can offer.


The search for information from the mobile handset is very similar to the search for information from PC, and advertisers use the same effects and benefits of Internet advertising.  The search screen features two boxes where users can enter "what" and "where" search terms, a search button, and a link to get driving directions.


The offerings in the mobile search space continue to expand.  Many companies are looking for more possibilities of personalization in Internet mobile search.  The idea of everybody getting the same search result is not reasonable anymore, so the answers will become more personalized in the near future.  The new Medio Ecosystem, for instance, enables users to find anything they want to know using a single search box. Searches are federated and results collected amongst numerous databases.  These databases are all generated by mobile-centric crawlers or filtered from web-centric real-time feeds.  It provides extended possibilities for user personalization, rich query performance and reduced network latencies.  High fidelity audio, embedded video playback in every search result and Flash-like animation capabilities are undeniable advantages of this technology of future.


Tomorrow is with advertising via mobile Internet. Make future work for you using all the possibilities the market of mobile and phone providers can offer, and you will manage to make your advertisement reach the mass market or be personally oriented, and will be sure that your target audience is always there for you.  Competition will integrate cell phones and Internet very soon, so invest in mobile advertising, and you will become known to the whole world.

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