It's time to feel good! Specific experience in life style with Nutri Pharma.

15 years of clinical research and more than 20 clinical trials published- Nutri Pharma health care company brought the only patented soy-based meal replacement product for weight reduction internationally.
You are a stylish young lady? A successful businessmen? A family person? You are 18,35,65 or more? Anyway you DO care about your individual lifestyle where beauty, health and harmony are the main aspects. And where NUTRITION matters.

Nowadays Nutrition is understood as food full of vitamins and not rich in calories. Today it is a synonym to 'HEALTHY FOOD' and in some way to 'DIET'. Nevertheless, any diet limits you daily ration and deprives you not only calories (which is actually great!), but also vitamins, protein and acids. It is the time when meal-replacement cocktails penetrated the market, hearts and stomachs of the customers who are always on the move. It is quick and health-giving! Only make your own choice among meal-replacement products and companies which produce them.

In April, 2005 Nutri Pharma, a health care company specializing in products for the treatment and prevention of lifestyle-related disorders brought Nutri Pro to CIS market. Initially soy-based Nutri Pro was being sold in the Nordic retail market since 1989 and more than 6 million Scandinavian customers re-oriented their lifestyle with it. Today the company expands the market from CIS to China, India and many other countries. Great success in sales is explained not only by intention of the customers to reduce their weight, but also their wish to improve heart and female health, prevent or recover from hyperlipidaemia and type 2 diabetes.

During 1 year the CIS customers of Nutri Pro greatly improved their wellbeing. Only 11 testimonials are presented on the site of the company ( though this is only a drop in the ocean. Nutri Pro's effectiveness and quality was acknowledged by a Scientific Advisory Board and today you are the next to evaluate it. Just taste the NEW life! Because IT'S TIME TO FEEL GOOD...

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