Input devices and keyboards for pocker PC

the selection of an input device for the pocket PC requires some information.

The  input devices for the pocket are varied enough for different models and the process of their development is still going on.

Most  of the pocket PC models does not have keyboards. The input devices are the sensor display and electronic stylus. The symbols and words can be written manually at A computer screen and your pocket PC will transform them to Tthe text lines. With the help of the stylus, you can press the screen buttons and use the pocket PC controls with the help of the screen menu. The availability of the infra red and Bluetooth interfaces for the pocket PC makes the usage of the wireless keyboards possible, this is a very convenient way to enter the data. At the same, time you should remember than the infra red interface is convenient when you have a flat surface;at worse conditions the Bluetooth will be of bigger help.

There are only two operation systems for the pocket PC. These are the Windows Mobile and Palm OS, and the differences in data input relate to the usage of a certain operation system for the first part. The Windows Mobile pocket Pcs are using the screen keyboard to enter the text, the user presses the virtual buttons with the stylus or writes the characters on the screen.The Palm OS provides a specific Graffiti system to enter the text.

The Pocket Pcs without a keyboard have limited opportunities to enter big pieces of the texts. That is the reason the pocket Pcs of this type are convenient only for the basic operations of the text editing  and the work with organize. If you need a more extended functionality, then you should choose a pocket PC with an attached keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard of the notebook type makes the work with big documents more flexible and convenient, however, the pocket PC with such keyboard is less portable.

Another way for the pocket PC input devices is the built-in keyboard. Such keyboard is very convenient to use at any place, since the user can use the thumbs to type thesymbols . These input modules for the pocket PC are very convenient, however, the quantity is still low. As a disadvantage of the built-in keyboards for the pocket PC, we should mention that the sizes of the pocket PC are bigger, when such modules are used. There are variants for your choice - whether to handle the attached or built-in keyboard, both variants provide convenient work with the text.

The producers of the pocket PC supply a variety of the input devices. All of them are based on the the  technologiesmentioned above, however, there are some features, which are different. At the end you are to choose the pocket Pc that suits better your usage needs.

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