hypertext preprocessor and MySQL

There are many types of the free software that is in use all over the world. Therefore, many people guess that a free source code means a low usability and other qualities. There are at least two products that are able to break up these thoughts easily. You should pay more attention to PHP and MySQL products to believe that this is the truth and you can get good products for free.

A software installation for the dedicated server is a very complicated task. Choosing between a high price and high conditions is a real problem, when the limit for investments is low. Freeware is a good solution is such cases. Let us make a little overview of the free software products that can help to achieve your purposes in a fast way.

PHP is a very popular hypertext preprocessor, qualifying multiple demands of the modern web programmers. The developers of this language provided it as a server side scripting language for the Web. The usage of the PHP is very simple - you can insert a PHP code directly to the HTML page. This code will be executed at each visit to the page. The PHP web server interprets the hypertext preprocessor code and generates a type of an output for a page visitor.

The PHP is an Open Source product. It means that any user can access the source code, use it and change it the way he needs.

Initially, the PHP was the abbreviation for the Personal Home Page. Afterwards, the name was changed according to the recursive agreement. Currently, it means a Hypertext Preprocessor.

The PHP scripts can be successfully integrated with other products. Such pair as the PHP language and MySQL database management system became very popular. The PHP MySQL hosting services displace thousands of web sites nowadays.

The MySQL is a very fast and relatively reliable database management system. This system allows an efficient storing, searching, sorting and retrieving of the data. The MySQL server controls the data access and permits a kind of simultaneous work for some users at once. The MySQL implements security permissions for the data access in a very reliable way. Specialists classify the MySQL as a multi-user and multi-threading server. It uses the SQL (Structured Query Language) for generating database queries. The MySQL appeared in the software market in 1996. Actually, its developers started their work in 1979. In 1999, this system got the prize from the Linux Journal.

A common feature for the MySQL and the hypertext preprocessor, which makes them easy integrated, is a fact that they both are free source code systems. Moreover, some people prefer obtaining the commercial licenses. It looks strange at first sight, however, it makes sense. Such free systems are supported by the team of the independent programmers, located all over the world. At the same time it is very hard to issue your claims in such cases. If you need these products for the business needs, then, obtaining the license is a good way to protect your web projects, based on the MySQL and hypertext preprocessor, from failures.

Thus, free systems appear to be much better than their commercial competitors in many cases. There is the same situation with the Windows and Unix server operation systems. Some free Unix clones approved their efficiency and reliability. Simultaneously, the Windows systems, which cost a lot of money, demonstrated many cases of instability and security gaps. Hence, you should make your choice, based on your own feelings. One of the main things you should remember is: "free does not mean bad".

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