Features of hotel operations management

Commercial success of a hotel is dependant upon many factors, some of which can be recognized and considered only by a professional. Income of a hotel, subject to general economic and seasonal factors, is considerably influenced by adequate positioning, level of the services rendered, personnel qualifications and many other things. Dynamic development of tourism business and international partnership entails the necessity in introduction of advanced system of hotel management, which is singled out as a separate sphere of business management with its specific features.

Hotel management, or hotel operations management in its wider concept, implies organization of a current business control over four key functions of a hotel, i.e.:

1) Food production (products purchase technology, menu card planning, supply and consumption control, occupational hygene);

 2) Food and Beverage Service (rendering services to clients, wines and beverages purchase, meeting visitors, orders fulfilment);

3) Housekeeping;

4) Front office operations (reception and accomodation of visitors and further service rendering).

Like in any other business, organisation of current work is always accompanied by the decision-making process. First and foremost the organization of hotel operations is based on communicational technology. The art to listen and convince, solve conflict situations, follow ethical standards of behaviour, provide favourable psychological atmosphere within the group of people is the subject of Personnel and Hospitality management, which is an integral part of the hotel management.

Demand for professional hotel management lead to appearance of consulting companies, which are specialized in management of hotel operations. In conditions of hard competition some hotel owners fail to undertake operative management of the hotel on his/her own, for hotel operations management is too complicated to be within the scope of one person. In this case hotel management companies offer to bear responsibility for the hotel management process.

Managing the hotel for the owner benefit, the company makes use of hotel network advantages to provide loading of the accommodation fund, introduce own standards and service quality control system, to recruit and train personnel, to make necessary marketing movement. In such case a consulting company cooperates with the owner on the basis of hotel object leasing, trust management, or any other legally acceptable mechanisms. But still the availability of such consulting companies is limited by their shortage. As the hospitality industry continues to grow at a rapid rate, there is an ever-increasing demand for qualified people to staff available jobs in hotel management sphere. As a result, educational establishments for Hospitality and Tourism Management become very popular with a certain group of people, planning to build their career in this popular business. Hotel operations management is a multidisciplinary field of study with the purpose of preparing people with expertise, commitment and skills for management, marketing and operations position in the expanding industry that provides food, accommodation and tourism services to people away from home. Curriculums of specialized schools cover all necessary spheres of hotel management:

-Hospitality Operations;
-Personnel Development;
-Hotel Business Project;
- Hospitality Management;
- Tourism Impacts;
- IT Applications;
-Professional Excursions.

It is worth saying that hotel operations management as a specific part of economic science and practice is to be supplemented and imroved as long as the hotel industry is developing. Each country is a unique economic space, demanding certain adaptation for its own market methods of management.

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