Health care public relations' mission

Health care is a very delicate and complex sector. Health care public relations are community-based and function at a local market level. It provides a direct link between a company and a client within the dynamic healthcare industry. Health care public relations agencies focus on health care public relations and marketing and offer its clients opportunities to sharpen their communications skills and strategies, consult with specialists for ideas in developing public relations and marketing programs and participate in educational and awards programs.

Individuals that specialize in health care public relations are in charge of handling internal and external communications for a health care facility. They interact with physicians, nurses, managers, administrators and patients; therefore, they must have excellent communication skills. Some of their responsibilities include writing for internal publications, such as newsletters, handling calls from media as well as writing and creating various materials that promote the services, offered at that facility.

Health care public relations specialists may also be called upon to prepare marketing plans that highlight various aspects of an organization. The most important function of this position is handling all communications with the public. They may organize events between an organization and the public, or they might prefer to correspond by publishing press releases. Health care public relations specialists must be highly organized and be prepared to deal with a variety of situations. They usually work forty hours a week, but it can vary due to deadlines or an unforeseen crisis, involving a health care organization.

Individuals, interested in health care public relations, should be detailed oriented, be able to cope with high levels of stress and be able to handle a heavy workload. Employment opportunities for health care public relations specialists should grow faster than an average for all occupations though 2012. There is an expected increase of twenty one percent - thirty five percent in the number of jobs that will become available over this period of time. The demand for good public relations personnel will increase due to the need to keep the public informed about a variety of issues that could affect their daily lives. The competition will be the greatest for entry-level public relations jobs, as a number of qualified applicants is expected to exceed the number of job openings.

Health care public relations firms provide comprehensive, integrated, unique and highly cost-effective marketing services at every level of health care public relations. Health care public relations firms also grant a broad array of services that are integrated synergistically to help clients communicate more effectively with their customers. One of the most outstanding people in health care public relations is a founder of Chandler Chicco Agency (CCA) Robert Chandler.

In 1997 he and Gianfranco Chicco teamed up to found the Chandler Chicco Agency (CCA), which now boasts for offices in New York and London besides those in Los Angeles and Washington and is ranked among the top health care public relations companies. Although initially skeptical about working together, Robert Chandler and Gianfranco Chicco bonded over their client-centric approach, which is now a backbone of their eponymous firm. In health care public relations, you would struggle to find a duo more in lockstep than Robert Chandler and Gianfranco Chicco. Chandler has been with Burson-Marsteller for eight years, when Chicco arrived at the firm; Chicco describes the place as "a beacon for the best of the best." Each had already made a name for himself. Former colleagues attest to a bit of ego clash around the office.


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