Gavin Anderson & Company partnership arrangements

PR is no longer a nice-to-have marketing ingredient. It is rather a must-to-have one. PR is a high-capacity marketing tool and PR agencies do their best to offer their clients a professional assistance in carrying out their public relations campaigns. A good example of such effort is the partnership relationships between Gavin Anderson and Fleishman-Hillard PR agencies.
  PR is a high-capacity marketing tool. It is quite able to turn the tide of public opinions and to influence the future destiny of a brand. Public relations form customers' perceptions about brands and products. These perceptions modulate target customers and other brands' stakeholders, including the employees', shareholders' and investors', behavior. Therefore, a PR promotion is not to be overlooked or neglected by entrusting it to the unprofessional care. A company's corporate reputation is a key ingredient of its business success and one of its most valuable intangible assets. Entrusting your PR campaigns to professionals, such as Gavin Anderson & Company, opens up for a company a brilliant market prospective and minimizes the risks of marketing investments.

Gavin Anderson & Company is a global PR firm that operates in the market of PR and marketing services. It has a long list of advising blue chip clients, such as Air France, American Express or Bond Market Association. Since the year of 2000, only its offices in Hong Kong and Singapore have advised blue chip clients in their deals that amount up to thirty five billion US dollars. This PR agency mainly functions in the areas of public affairs, financial and corporate communications and government relations and has two hundred and fifty professionals on staff with it.

Gavin Anderson & Company is guided in its work by the desire to serve best the interests of its clients. Due to this reason, the Asian department of this company has established partnership relations with another global PR agency. This agency is Fleishman-Hillard International Communications with the field of expertise in corporate, consumer, health care, technology communications and public affairs. Both of these companies are parts of one of the largest international communication company Omnicom group Inc. The goal of such partnership is to take their PR services to a higher and even more professional level. The management of both of these companies believe that the partnership will resolve in a mutual benefit for the agencies and consequently for their clients.

Excluding Japan and Australia, Gavin Anderson has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Fleishman-Hillard runs a network of offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Manila and Kuala Lumpur. In Hong Kong and Singapore these two companies will co-locate their businesses. What concerns the companies' clients, they will only benefit from this partnership arrangement in the way of a more developed infrastructure, a quality of services and a geographical reach. The partnership provides both PR companies with cross referral business opportunities and enlarges the range of service they are able to offer to their clients.

The partnership with such PR agencies may benefit not only large international clients, but also smaller local and nationwide manufacturing companies, retailers and non-profit organizations, since public relations is very important for the success of all these companies.

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