Free news release services as a means of internet marketing

Internet is a communicative environment with its own existing rules and conditions of interaction. And those who pay little attention to internet possibilities make a big mistake. Goods or service promotion in internet can be carried out with the help of traditional means. Internet free news release service is one of the most powerful ways of a company's site promotion. The more subscribers you acquire, the more feedback you get. So, what are the secrets of making free news release service work more effectively?

If you ever tried to print your news or articles in prestigious magazines, you probably came across with a number of problems when your requests or inquiries about reviews of your materials were left unreplied or your information for publishing was often declined. You compare published articles with yours and cannot understand the reason why your information is ignored. If you decided to have your news published at all costs, you will have to write much choosing various subjects. A big variety of subjects allows to have a proper choice the magazine may need. For free news release services you will have to write just about a few pages a week. Thus, you will try your hand in writing getting a good training and mastering your writing abilities. Free news release services is a powerful incentive to develop capabilities in writing and think over new topics.
7 ways to make your free news release popular:
1. A unique content
Suggest your subscribers a unique content, which will not be available anywhere else. It doesn't necessary mean that 100% of content should carry a unique and original information. The part of it would be sufficient enough. Usually people are apt to read something they have never read before or anywhere else.
2. A chance to win
Maintain possibilities to win something as a reward for use of your free news release services. It is advisable that prizes should be of interest or value for your subscribers. Most of those who try, will continue to read next releases hoping to get a prize.
3. Find out everything about...
Suggest your readers fresh and contemporary news subscribers would wish to have. If you manage to be their initial source, they would futher become your loyal readers.
4. Questionnaires
Maintain on-line questionnare on your site. Ask people, subscribing periodicals, questions and get their opinion. In your next news releases they will wonder about the results of questioning.
5. A little of humour
Add a little of humour to your subscription and keep on doing this. Don't be very serious and tell the readers a joke. If your service is positively apprehended, your subscribers will try not to miss next issues.
6. Informational directory
People like to get a free material stuff. Tell them where they can get it on-line or off-line. This can be software, services, goods samples, e-books, etc. Anyway, all this stuff should relate to the topics of your free news release service. Suggest subscribing periodicals and your subscribers will willingly use your service!
7. Mini Yahoo
Tell your readers about web sites relating to topics of your free news release service. These web sites should contain interesting and usuful information. Just suggest your readers a kind of mini yahoo service.
Regular free news release services are one of the most effective means to inform the bulk of the population. Service regularity prove to be effective in providing continuous use of the server by subscribers. Regular free news release service may be offered only to those who give consent for it of their own will. Each subscriber should be treated very carefully, they will deffinitely value  a rapid reaction to their every wish and absence of abuse of their loyality. News release should be sent to subscribers according to a deffinite schedule, they should content information which was requested in subscription, with a little of advertisement added.
The more subscribers use free news release service, the more possibilities you get to initiate a discussion. For example, if the message is sent to more than 9000 subscribers, 5 up to 20 of them sent their replies back. Thus, you can choose 2 or 4 comments for publication.
Wide coverage, periodicity, good content and simple ways of feedback encouragement is a valuable source of a constant information inflow.

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