Ford campaign stumble upon a "conservative" moral basis


Every ad bears the only aim- to boost the demand. Ford company, that have recently launched new ad campaign in the USA, faced a negative effect. The trick of a campaign was that for the every Jaguar bought during this year, the corporation will donate a sum up to a 1000 US dollars to a Gey and Lesbians against descrimination Alliance. But this have filled with indignation representatives of a well known in the USA right-wing conservative "American Family Association". They have accused Ford Motor in support of sexual minority and moreover in detriment of traditional family basis.The advocates of the association also displayed discontent that Ford supposedly supports many different gey-oriented events and periodicals. The association have not used only words, but also called upon to boycott the production of all brands that integrated into amrican corporation: Volvo, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercury.

More than 65 thousands people shared the resentment with the Ford policy, moreover they signed the obligation not to buy cars of the legendary brand. The representatives of Ford have not reacted on these conservators' accusations yet, so the outcome of this sexual- advertising scandal is still unclear.

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