Figure and background of advertising design

Learn more about the ways your customers perceive ads. Your knowledge of them will help you to be more effective in designing your ads.

It is essential to create the right design of advertisements to make them attract customers' attention to your products and their qualities.  Psychologists have introduced such concepts as figure and background.  They help you to better understand your customers' psychology and the way they view your ads.


Figure and background are the categories people perceive this world by. They have inborn necessity to single out one object out of all other and make it the main figure of their attention. The rest of things become a background for it.  Background serves as a reference frame for evaluating a figure.


People perceive all images, even plain and level ones as figure and background. Figure is what they remember long after viewing it and the background is what they tend to forget. The figure in person's eyes seems to stand out and move upfront, whereas the background stays back. That is how they perceive visual images of your advertising.  Background may reinforce and emphasize the figure, but it cannot overshadow it.  However, under certain circumstances figure and background may change places.


No doubt, you have already comprehended the great value and importance of such perception of visual images by customers for advertising and product promotion. It is crucial especially for printed and TV ads.


Your product has always to be the main figure of your ads, and the rest is just a background for it. All visual effects and sounds have to intensify the impression your figure makes on customers.


If there are people or animals in your ads they will draw people's attention and become the central points for them. They should not become the main figures of your advertisements. There are several ways to avoid it, and when designing ads with human or animal characters one has to be very careful and always remember that the product should be the focus point of an ad.


Let us look at an example. If you advertise a manufacturing device and there is a person sitting and working at it, such arrangement will draw customers' attention to it and to the process of working on it.  It is very important to choose the right position for that person and working hands.  If everything is in place, people will perceive the person only as a part of that device, and it will become the main figure of your ad.


On the other hand, if you place a person standing near the machine, he or she will become the main figure and draw customers' attention away from the product you advertise. The product will become a mere background for the person.


Advertisements that are too eccentric and bright may be well remembered and liked, but they not always produce the desired effect. Being creative is not enough for a success of your ad and promotion of products. Your ad trailer may even be awarded for creativity, but your main goal in creating it will not be achieved.  Your main advertising goal should be to promote your product and gain profit.  So, to create a really effective ad that sells one has to involve people who specialize in different fields of expertise.


You should remember that the simpler is your ad the better.  The best and the most professional advertisements are those which draw all attention to the product and make customers to buy it.

When creating ads, remember that the main figure is your product and the aim of an is customer, while the rest of things are only background.

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