Event marketing

Event marketing is advertising the product and brand presenting them as sponsors or organizers of some events. Find out more.

There are plenty of ways to promote products and brands. The range is wide, starting with the mass advertising on the national level and ending with the covering of a specific narrow target audience. Different Media, marketing, advertising tools and approaches are used for that. However, in order for an advertising campaign to prosper, it is crucial to set clear advertising and marketing goals and then to choose the appropriate ways of carrying them out.

There are two most relevant marketing and advertising goals: the brand asset and sales level increase. It is obvious that no business can sustain without an appropriate sales level. However, the brand asset building up is a task of no less importance. The level of knowledge, positive attitude toward the company, its products and their top position in the consumers' priorities list play one of the fundamental roles in the sales level.

Event marketing is one of the marketing tools that allows reaching both of the product promotion goals. Event marketing is advertising the product and brand, presenting them as sponsors or organizers of some events, like athletic competitions, concerts or it might be their promotion by a well-known personality. The main issue about event marketing is that a promoted product or brand has a strong and, preferred, long lasting associative link.

There are three ways of setting up such strong links between the product and the events:

1.     Event marketing
Sponsoring different athletic, music or cultural events is very popular. Many fans are addicted to their athletic teams and gladly buy products from their sponsors. Due to this fact, some brands, sponsoring Formula 1 racing, had thirty percent sales increase. Here, any kind of advertisement is appropriate. All kinds of ads are sold, from the screen ads to placing logos on athletes' clothes. The most effective, prestigious and expensive advertising is the one, at the Olympic Games. To be the main sponsor of the Games may cost millions and millions of dollars. The long-term cooperation with an athletic team, with an event or a famous singer means long-term relationships of the brand with the target market segment, which improves prestige, knowledge and sales level of products of this kind.

2.     Event's organization.
In this case, the brand sponsors and organizes an event. Such events may be concerts, competitions, etc. It is a popular approach to the event marketing, promoting brands for the youth.

3.     Licensing products.
Products and brands are advertised in movies, TV shows or cartoons. There are very many opportunities for the advertising in this area. Some brands, as MacDonald's, may distribute toys of the main characters of popular cartoons or to be the sponsors of TV shows.

The product and brand promotion, through the event marketing, helps to increase the sales and the popularity of the manufacturers. At the end, what matters, is that the consumers have a positive attitude to such cooperation.


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