Edelman PR strategies

PR is a key ingredient of every modern company marketing strategy. Professional advice and assistance in this area is rather a necessity than a nice-to-have option. Edelman PR agency has over fifty years of experience in this field of expertise. It offers its customers professional services in the management of a corporate reputation, investor relations, brand PR, crisis communications, public affairs, publishing, etc.

Edelman PR agency is the only international independent PR agency in the world. It is the sixth largest PR services company with thirty eight offices on five continents. There are nearly two thousand employees on staff with it. Founded back in 1952, in the year of 2000, this agency's PR services revenues amounted up to two hundred and twenty five million dollars. In their list of clients there are at least sixteen large international ones.

With over fifty years of experience in the area of PR and communications, the Edelman PR Company has developed unique approaches to communications and unique Edelman strategies. Among some of them there is a vast experience in creating and managing a corporate reputation, investor relations, brand PR, crisis communications, public affairs, publishing, etc. Let us take a look at some of them.

· A corporate reputation
Edelman's PR approach to creating and managing a corporate reputation is a long-termed partnership, as it is impossible to create positive corporate reputation over the night. It is not an event, it rather is a process. There has to be developed a well thought strategy of achieving corporate objectives. Such factors, as the companies' present mission, management or employee relations have to be taken into consideration.

· Brand PR
Advertising alone is not able to achieve the success in the present market conditions that involves a high level of competition between companies. Brand PR can build lasting relationships with its customers, partners and other stakeholders and extend their experience with a brand. Through brand PR a company receives extra media reports, online presentations, event marketing, etc. Edelman PR offers their clients such services, as building up a brand platform, creating a brand personality, a brand positioning and many others.

· Investor relations
A company cannot function well without having strong investor relations. With the deep understanding and knowledge in the area of finances and bank environment, Edelman PR provides its clients with IR strategies, prepares presentations, reports, informational collaterals, meetings, official presentations and financial analysis.

· Crisis communications
Any company faces periods of crisis time, evoked by bad media reports, a legal dispute or other men caused situations. All these situations imperil the companies' most valuable intangible assets: their reputations. In many cases, such situations can be foreknown and some preliminary arrangements made. Edelman PR helps organizations to develop a special crisis manual and does the crisis training, including media ones, for the companies' management of all levels. As for the crises, involving negative information spread through the Internet, Edelman PR has a special Crisis Preparation and Response program. Through this program, a client company is able to have quick, real time responses from the Internet and avoid filtering information in other media.

Edelman PR agency is a reliable and experienced partner for many international and local clients. All the above listed and many other services in the area of both consumer and business-to-business PR can help companies to reach a desired level of success and to avoid unneeded business risks.


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