Dual graphics card from Maxtor

Matrox video cards are well known among the admirers of 3D games and professional designers. New technologies from Maxtor allow making games and 3D design applications, functioning more efficient and pleasant. A powerful graphical chip and a support of new technologies can make this video card a unique tool for multiple activities of a gamer or a businessman.

The company Matrox Graphics is a symbol of an ultimate quality and permanent innovations of the produced video cards. They appeared in the market of 3D accelerators, issuing the chipsets MGA200 and MGA400. After this debut, the company provides more interesting achievements. Let us take an overview of the dual head video card Matrox MillENNIUMG550 G55+MDHA 32 DB DVI, which is created for 3D graphics professionals.

This dual graphics card has an interesting appearance. It is small and made of dark green textolite. There is a heart of the system ? the powerful graphical chip G550 in the center of the card. Memory micro-chips are placed to the right. There are no redundant details on the video card, as Maxtor uses cheap tools to make their products attractive. They are trying to make their dual graphics card better only with technical improvements.

There are two cutoff points at the external side of the card. The first one is the well known VGA and another one is the DVI output.

MilleNIUM G550 is a dual graphics card, which provides some new features. It is made by the 0.18 mkm technology. There is a 256 bit kernel of the graphical chipset and it supports up to 32 MB of high performance DDR SDRAM memory. A data exchange with the memory is performed by a 64 bit interface that includes two built-in micro-chips RAMDAC. One chip works with the clock 360 MHz and provides the maximal resolution 2048x1536x32 bit. The second chip works with 230 MHz and achieves the resolution 1600х1200х32 bit.

The chip of Maxtor dual graphics card is developed for 3D graphics. It contains two rendering conveyors, with two texture blocks for each one. There is also a 32 bit Z-buffer, an 8-bit buffer of templates. The chip implements the following features: a support of the technology Environmental-Mapped Bump Mapping (EMBB) on a hardware level; a support of alpha-mixing; a support of bilinear, threelinear and anisotropic filtering; a support of spectacular highlights of any color; a support of mists of Vertex and table type; a support of double and triple buffering; one-pass multi-texturing; a support of the technology Vibrant Color Quality2 (VCQ2) rendering; built-in Transmission-Minimized Differential Signaling; the technology HeadCasting Engine.

The HeadCasting Engine is a new technology from Maxtor, which permits a decrease of CPU loading, using Matrox Palette Skinning. This technology is applied for creating realistic animated models of human. This is a complicated calculation task that requires significant resources. A detailed redrawing of face features was very slow and of a low quality, and the HeadCasting Engine gives a possibility to forget about this problem and to make a free communication in video conferences more convenient.

The Dual graphics card possesses the standards AGP 1x, 2x, 4x and it is useful for the compatibility with old systems. The technology Maximal Dual Head Display supports a connection of two monitors, a TV and one monitor, a TV and LCD, two LCD, an LCD and TV. The technology DVDMax guarantees a high quality reproduction of DVD/Video.

The video card MILLENNIUM G550 G55+MDHA32DB DVI is a good designed and powerful graphical accelerator, which permits to enjoy 3D games and grants opportunities for the professional work with complex 3D graphics and animation.


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