DeBeers' advertising campaign "Diamonds Are Forever"

"Diamonds Are Forever" is one of the most famous and successful advertising campaigns in the whole history of advertising and in the history of DeBeers diamond supplying company. This campaign was developed and launched by DeBeers back in 1938. It helped the company enter and win one of the world's largest diamond markets - the market of America. Find out more from this article.

DeBeers is one of the oldest diamond companies in the world. It was founded back in 1888, and since that time the DeBeers Company has been and remains to be the largest diamond supplier in the world. Moreover, for the long while this company has supplied up to ninety percent of all the diamonds to the Global diamond market. DeBeers takes its origins from Africa, where the diamond source of this company is located, though it presently has its main offices in Johannesburg and London. In addition, it has opened six more shop locations in Tokyo, Osaka, New York City, Beverly Hills, Paris and Dubai.


However, the tremendous success of DeBeers was conditioned not only by its monopoly as a diamond supplier, but also by its amazing and creative marketing and advertising efforts. One of the most successful in the history of the DeBeers Company and in the history of advertising campaigns is "A Diamond is Forever" campaign. This advertising campaign was created and launched by DeBeers in 1938. Although the DeBeers brand name was not present in this campaign, it successfully advertised and promoted diamonds and attached a special meaning to them. At that time such world's largest diamond markets as the market of America needed a reviving; and some other prospective markets were completely closed for diamond products. Nevertheless, through the "Diamonds Are Forever" advertising campaign DeBeers was able to attach such romantic and sacred feelings such as love, affection and faithfulness to diamonds.


This advertising campaign introduced an idea of diamonds being the only suitable precious stones for such special gifts as engagement or wedding rings. Moreover, "Diamonds Are Forever" advertising campaign was able to achieve even more than that. It has significantly reduced the competition to DeBeers from the side of the secondary diamond market, as it educated the sentiments of women and prevented them from selling their diamond jewelries or from purchasing the ones, which were owned by other women. The "Diamonds Are Forever" advertising campaign was able to tightly connect a personal destiny with diamonds and to turn them into very special and personal things.


One of the most successful marketing executions of the "Diamonds Are Forever" DeBeers' advertising campaign was a James Bond film, which, in fact, had the same name as the advertising campaign - "Diamonds Are Forever". It held a direct quotation of DeBeers' slogan, though it was not the only movie through which DeBeers advertised the diamonds. Diamonds were promoted through many other romantic movies and were shown in various engagement or wedding scenes. Moreover, by using television and radio media, by printing romantic stories in various editions, DeBeers created the concept of diamonds being one of the essential parts of such lasting and most cherished human relationships and dreams, as love, dating or marriage. The company also promoted diamonds through attaching them to celebrities and making them a part of the most famous designer work or trend fashion collections.



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