cpanel software for your server

Sites and domains management are main features of the Cpanel software. Some developers provide additional feature that mostly are not useful for the most part of the users. The functionality of different control panels should be classified in order to use only required features. There are many Cpanel developers, thus, you can choose these units that suit your needs more.

Modern control panels provide opportunities for the whole server management process. The Cpanel software may have different interfaces but the main functionality is always the same and it is very important for the professional web hosting. Let us take a look at the main features available for any type of the Cpanel software.

1. Changing your contact information.

The Cpanel software functions, which allow to change your personal data, are very important. These fields are used by hosting providers for sending messages to you; therefore, this data should be updated as soon as possible.

2. E-mail menu

Usually, the e-mail handling by the control panel proposes the following features:

§ The account management. You can add, edit or remove e- mail accounts here.

§ Web-mail - the e-mail management via web interface.

§ Auto responders - adding or removal of the auto


§ Mail filters - for the filters' adjustment.

§ Redirection - to create some rules for the e-mail

redirection to another mail box.

§ Mailing lists - you can create and administrate your own mailing list.

§ Spam protection.

3. Statistics menu

This menu contains a list of different statistics and analytic software. You can choose some software that qualifies the needs of your site. These programs may calculate the volume of the used traffic for a certain time period. You can also customize error messages that will appear for your site visitor if some trouble happens. Some software functions permit downloading of the log file. It could be helpful, when somebody tries to violate your server's security.

4. Scripts menu.

Here is the list of the preinstalled scripts.

5. FTP menu.
The menu provides the following features:

§ The account management - adding or removal of the users that have an access to some parts of the site by FTP.

§ The adjustment of the anonymous access - for the

anonymous FTP access management.

§ Entering a message - here you can customize the

message that appears, when somebody enters

your web site by FTP.

§ The sessions management.

6. Site management menu. This part of the Cpanel software comprises main

functions for the site management.

§ Backup copying - you should use this function from time to time to backup the information.

§ Directories protection - click this item, if you want to restrict the access to some directories.

§ Access password - to change the password for your cPanel.

§ Errors pages.

§ Redirections - here you can adjust the redirections from your web site to other URLs.

§ Mime-type - here you can set the list of Mime-types, recognized by your server.

7. Domains management menu. This functionality allows the easy management for the main domains, sub-domains and additional domains. This is a functional item, if you have to manage a big domains network. There are some statistics functions as well.

The Cpanel software includes some additional functions that are specific for the certain implementations. You can get the Telnet or SSH access or tasks scheduling opportunities. You should also remember that the Cpanel software development is not restricted with any rules and you can always order some specific features. However, the price of such private cpanel software grows significantly.

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